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By Jeromey ·
I am currently searching for a new position. Is it still acceptable to contact companies asking them if they received your resume?

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by Oz_Media In reply to Job Search

Many people don't even call the company BEFORE sending in a resume, pretty sad and weak way to attempt job searching.
1) research a prospect and learn what they are about
2) Figure out how you can help the company achieve its goals.
3) Find out who the boss is, not the HR or Secretary
4) Call the BOSS and state your case, breif qualifications outline, goals, objectives and what you can offer the company.
5) ARRANGE AN INTERVIEW!! Spamming resumes just doesn't work, no matter how many people are doing it.
6) If you can't arrange an interview, talk to the boss and tell him you are sending a resume to his attention and let him/her know you will be ncalling to follow up. "When is the best time to catch you in the ofice, Morning or Afternoon" (Don't forget to pose the Morning or Afternoon question or you will hear "I'll call you")
7) Follow up!!

Waiting for a callback on an anonymous resume mail-out is as effective as waiting for Anna Kournikova to call you for a doubles match this weekend.

Don't rely on job ads in the newspaper they have less than 2% success rate. Call a company BEFORE the ad goes in and you're ahead of the game, and the pile of nondescript resumes.

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by ghstinshll In reply to Job Search


You should always contact the hiring manager (not HR) if possible, and if not, then contact whoever is in charge of the interviewing process. It's really screening, but don't call it that. Talk to them about when they're looking to do interviews, and when their position fill date is (so you know what time frame you're up against). Be polite and professional and be interested, don't just ask. Act like you're their new partner in a small project they're taking on.

If you do talk to the hiring manager, ask them about the requirements for the position and how you match up with them. Offer to send them a copy of your resume directly although you (ALREADY) sent it to the email on the website (or whatever media it was on). This will give you personal contact, show drive, organization, and help you get a face in the door instead of a foot.

Long-story-short, always follow up.

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