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Job Seeking Help. Mailing Resumes, Cold Calling, Walking in, etc.

By multiplexed ·
I need help looking for work. I?m wanting a networking or a helpdesk position.

I?ve been looking on online job boards, and every day I review the online classifieds for every newspaper in the northern half of my state.

I plan on mailing out resumes. I?m mailing to key contacts, such as IT managers, general managers, HR personnel, and Presidents or Vice Presidents of local companies.

I?m also looking to do some cold calling, and walking in at the business?s location. However, my question is that I?m not sure what to say, or what approach to take when cold calling or walking in. If anyone has advice as to what to say, I need the help.

Also, if anyone has other tips of anything else I can be doing to find work, I would appreciate those as well.

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by Ed Woychowsky In reply to Job Seeking Help. Mailing ...

Post your resume on-line on every job board that you find, Dice, Monster, HotJobs, Jobcircle and the rest. Also, some companies allow you to post to their site as well. Another thing to do is check with the state you live in, sometimes they have listings of jobs for use by people on unemployment. Oh, you can also try CraigsList. Good luck.

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The local employment office

by Tig2 In reply to Job Seeking Help. Mailing ...

Don't know where you are and they vary by state. The one here has an online presence that you can post to. They can hook you up with local networking groups in your area too.

Find your local computer rag. They should have calendar listing of the SIGs in your area. Attend meetings- usually free.

Look for the local job club. Use it. Many of them are hosted by local churches.

Don't bother so much with Presidents and VPs. Focus on department managers- THEY have hiring influence.

Call Manpower IT, Kelly IT, Addeco- temp agencies that use contract/temp workers. A short term role can become permanent if you're good.

Good luck to you!

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Find out who works in your area

by Maevinn In reply to Job Seeking Help. Mailing ...

It's not always the big employer in the area, but rather someone they contract for services. Depends on the area, but check into any military bases in your area--most of them have civilian contractors that provide computer/network support. InDyne, Northrop Grummon and bdSystems are the 3 big names, but there are others. They each maintain websites with job listing.

The other thing--ask around, socialize. I found out about several jobs simple because a friend of friend worked at the company with a new opening, not even published yet.

As for what to say:

First, ask if they have a hiring board--most places do. It often has both Interal and External positions. Talk with HR about how long they run a job internally, and ask if you leave a resume with them. Ask for a contact within each department that includes IT positions, then call and see if you can schedule time to sit down with them.

Be polite. Don't be too aggressive. If you get sit-downs with anyone, make sure to send a polite thank you note within 2-3 days--make them remember you positively!

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Thanks for the ideas so far!

by multiplexed In reply to Job Seeking Help. Mailing ...

I'd like to say a big "Thanks!" for the ideas so far. I would not have thought of most of them.

I'll also call my college monday to see if I can take advantage of their services as well.

Right now I have a 3" pile of resumes and cartons of envelopes to stuff. Hopefully between all these ideas I can land something sooner than later.

Thanks again everyone!

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by gwzap2008 In reply to Thanks for the ideas so f ...

By chance, are you a veteran? If so, do see your nearest military facility's readiness center as they can provide valuable resume and employment briefings. Additionally, do a search for local job fairs in your area, or areas you are willing to locate to. As for resume's...tailor your resume for the position you are trying to get. And, familiarize what you have on your resume. Don't embellish anything on your resume as it will prevent you from getting hired on...anywhere. Ensure your resume is well written.

Good Luck!


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