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By amirseifollahi ·
I'm planning to immigrate to Canada over the next year, and i want to know the job title for a person who is responsible for installing, managing and maintaining an on-premise PBX in a company.
I have a little knowledge of networking ( because in my current company we have a separate network team under IT Department which is responsible for maintaining switches, routers, firewalls and Wiring) but good experience in managing and maintaining PBX systems (3CX and Panasonic) the question is:
How likely is it for me to find a job within the first 3 months?
and what is the average salary for this job?
is there any job title which is totally engaged in supporting PBX Systems with no responsibilities concerning other fields of company IT Department?
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That changes a little with the size company.

by rproffitt Moderator In reply to Job Title

I've watched the phone system move from a phone person to just another task for the IT group.

As to the question about a job in 3 months my view is you won't find one soon due to the disastrous effects by the pandemic. This lead to a move to WFH (work from home) with a gigantic downsizing of office needs for phones and networks there.

For cost reasons even before the pandemic companies were tossing out PBX for the new IP based phones. This movement was swift here in the USA and a little lagging in Canada. As you suspect old PBX systems in other countries were being kept around because they were bought and paid for so they were just getting all the use they could rather than swap out this old working system.

It's time to find some other skills to offer now and it's all caused by the current pandemic that appears to have fundamentally changed offices for many years to come.

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PS. Let me shorten my answer.

by rproffitt Moderator In reply to That changes a little wit ...

Such word here in all but very large companies would be tasked to someone in the IT department that knew the area.

Caveat: In some states this work requires license to work with the wiring. Since you do this work now, I will assume you know that.

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