Job Title in IT

By Gywenne ·
My job title is Helpdesk Support but my responsibilities has been more than that, could you please advise me what should be an appropriate title for the responsibilities I have listed below:

1. Administer network accounts
2. Troubleshoot client workstations and work on telephone calls to assist in the troubleshooting for the staff.
3. Administer exchange server, Blackberry, File and Print Server using Windows 2008 server
4. Manages the backups
5. Manages laptops, workstation and network printers.
6. Sometimes i install a File and Print Server with Network printer capabilities.
7. Somtimes assist in GPO
8. Administers network access and maintains the shared files of our remote branches.
9. Sometimes configure the Cisco switches.
10. Assist in maintaining KVM, server racking.

Thank you

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Who made up the list of responsibilities ? ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Job Title in IT

Whoever it was can also make up the Job Title.

My point is that all you'll get out of this is the self-satisfaction of a Job Title. Just a Job Title. Just a name.

If your Job Title is that important to you - make it up yourself.

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In that case

by jck In reply to Who made up the list of r ...

I want to be Guinness drinking Lord of Gadgets! :^0

I'd say IT Support Analyst would be a more appropriate title.

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"Guinness drinking Lord of Gadgets" ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to In that case

There you go - I just gave you that title! :)

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Why thank you!

by jck In reply to "Guinness drinking Lord o ...

You're so very kind :)

Pardon me. Have to go inform my boss of his requirement to give me a case each Friday as "therapeutic measures" lol :^0

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And I wanna be...

by Jessie In reply to In that case

Goldstar member of the Guinness Guzzling Guild (3G)

And yes, I think IT Support Analyst would probably be a more appropriate title for YOU...

I will remain "She who must be supplied with plenty of cigarettes and coffee or someone will DIE!" SWMBSWPOCACOSWD for short.

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For Short haha

by christopherreynolds78 In reply to And I wanna be...

I think the "for short" portion is longer than the full length version. haha

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Who made up the list of responsibilities ?

by Gywenne In reply to Who made up the list of r ...

that is the responsibilities I am doing now. The original description of my title was only for desktop support and answering phone calls and emails but they have added responsibilities to my job.

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Well Boo Hoo Hoo ! ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Who made up the list of r ...

What are you going to achieve by altering your Job Title? Hmm?

Unless it is altered FOR you by your superiors, nothing (and I emphasise NOTHING) will change in your daily job-of-work, and your income will not alter by one single iota.

So, once again, I ask you what does your Job Title mean to you?

If your Job Title is that important, get another job.

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Re: Boo Hoo...

by christianshiflet In reply to Well Boo Hoo Hoo ! ...

While I agree that a change in job title will not alter responsibilities, job satisfaction, or your superiors' view of you, I think it matters in a few ways. Firstly, if your compensation is ever compared against industry standards within your region to, per se, determine what your income should be, an appropriate title will ensure that an Exchange Admin's compensation is not compared against a level 1 support tech's to justify paltry pay.

Additionally, if an individual's responsibilities evolve from desktop support to more involved network, or systems, administration that should be reflected in one's title (and pay). Doing so, from the employee's standpoint, can show (and validate, to some) career movement and professional growth. This can become very helpful if one wants to, for example, ever find another job. :)

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Job Title and Descrption

by Gywenne In reply to Re: Boo Hoo...

my vision is to be a system/network administrator someday. What i saw from or, is that the responsiblity i listed could fit as a system/network administrator. helpdesk pay is low. Everybody who is in IT wishes to be an admin someday for better compensation

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