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Jobs in Ireland

By jck ·
I'm just curious.

I know about the EU rules for employment and how it affects how professional, exempt positions are listed and hired for in Ireland.

But, is it impossible for an American to get employment there?

Just curious on the perspective from anyone in Ireland and/or recruiters who might recruit for firms in Ireland.


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Although I have no info for you...

by DMambo In reply to Jobs in Ireland

I know that you've been considering this for a long time. Sounds like you're ready to take the leap any time. Best of luck to you!

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by jck In reply to Although I have no info f ...

I'm heading for Dublin in February.

Guess what I'll do in my spare time before I go to the pubs?

See...that's the great thing about the Irish...

They don't mind the smell of Guinness on your breath!!!! ]:)


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Ahh, training

by DMambo In reply to Hahaha...

Perfect practice prevents pisspoor performance.

You'll be the biggest leprechan on the Emerald Isle.

I'll look you up if I ever get there. We'll meet in the best pub to bring kids. My boy can have his first (whole pint of) Guinness.

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pubs in ireland

by jck In reply to Ahh, training

They're like prostitutes in Bangkok at night...

One on every street.

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now, I'm not saying you're predictable, my Leige...

by gadgetgirl In reply to Jobs in Ireland


had this stashed in readines....used to work with an Irish girl in my last life and she forwarded this for you......

Predictable? Hah! I just knew this would be on the cards eventually....!

Anything else, Sire, just ask thy vassal!


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just be sure

by jck In reply to now, I'm not saying you'r ...

you got my email. :)

I can't go any further in details. This *is* a career group...not the Misc area.

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Yup, gottit!

by gadgetgirl In reply to just be sure

But we were having a silly system day on Friday, so it was waiting for me this morning....and I'll reply as soon as I have more than 30 seconds to string together, my Leige!!!


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by jck In reply to Yup, gottit!

don't use my title here...the innocents don't know I'm royalty

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by gadgetgirl In reply to GG....shhhhh

sorry....forgot....but it would help you get a visa much more quickly....!


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by jck In reply to <whispering>

what'd really get me a visa in Ireland fast...

is marrying me a pretty Irish girl.

but noble blood line demands I find a woman fit to be my queen...and, I have to find a gal who can tolerate my geekish half a dozen computer systems in the house along with 2 full-blown audio-visual systems....hahahaha :)

but seriously...I might actually try to interview with a firm...not for a job, but just to meet people and let them know for the right opportunity that I'd seriously consider moving to Ireland...and stay there til I'm in a box.

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