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Jobs passes. Tragic, yes. Relevant to IT?

By K_Green ·
Steve Jobs, an IT industry titan, has passed away.

While tragic on a human level, will this have any impact on the day-to-day or long-term future of Information Technology?

Will Apple lose steam, now that their visionary leader has truly left them?

Will the healthy competition between iOS, Android and Windows skip a beat or two?

Please weight in, keeping your responses both professional and respectful.

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Very sad, but expected

by Michael Jay In reply to Jobs passes. Tragic, yes. ...

not that any of his friends or family will see this, my condolences to all who feel the loss directly.

Very few survive pancreatic cancer, but his passing I do not think will have much of an effect on IT as a whole, however it may be a bad thing for Apple in the short term, long term, Apple will survive and thrive.

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It already had an impact

by AnsuGisalas In reply to Jobs passes. Tragic, yes. ...

Apple lost its visionary driving force when the writing was on the wall for Jobs.
It is a testament to his professionalism that the put his Apple affairs in order in time.
That is of little consolation to his nearest though, except perhaps in having to do less paperwork in a time of grief - God knows there's enough of that.
Will Apple carry on in Steve's spirit? We don't know.
Will Apple find itself a new driving force? We don't know.

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"Will Apple lose steam..."

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Jobs passes. Tragic, yes. ...

Well, Apple lost steam (and market value) when they sacked Jobs back in the '80s. His return in the '90s led to the company's current Golden Age. The company has been easing its way into the post-Jobs era for a while, but I don't know if the current management team can continue along the trail he blazed.

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That's my thinking as well

by K_Green In reply to "Will Apple lose ste ...

I think they will glide along for a while in a modestly Jobs-esque way. After all, there are plenty of people there who were directly influenced by his cult of personality & his vision. But, I think ultimately, the culture and business strategy will start to shift. That's only natural, as times change.

I think we will see a short-term dip in their stock as news hits the street & there's some uncertainty. Then we'll see a rise and leveling off. But within a few years, as the Jobs influence peters out, and Apple makes mis-steps, market-share will shift even more to Android and maybe some back to Windows. With it will go their stock value.

I also anticipate that some of that loss of market share will be because they will have lost Steve's maniacal focus on aesthetic design.

I think in the back of Cook's mind, there may be a guilty sense of relief on one aspect. While Jobs was alive, there would always be people within Apple who would question any unorthodox decision and say "Well, I wonder how Steve feels about that?"

I'm not a fan of Apple, nor was I of Jobs, but I do hope they continue to have a significant presence and influence in IT. I think that their design aesthetic and focus on customer experience has raised the bar in our industry.

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Not to mention, people are probably selling their shares quickly

by Slayer_ In reply to That's my thinking as wel ...

Before the company loses value.

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