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      Exchange Calendars

      by flatfive ·

      In reply to Join the Exchange interchange

      We’re running Exch2K on 2K server with 2K clients. I have one, and only one, person with the following problem:
      When attempting to print his calendar (in any view BTW), only the recurring appointments show up. All appointments show up on the screen, but non-recurring stuff is missing from any print-outs or print previews. This occurs regardless of who prints it (we have a few folks with editor or view access to his calendar).

      Has anyone seen this? I have scoured the boards and MS’s site, to no avail.


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        by mddm ·

        In reply to Exchange Calendars

        There is a setting when you choose File, print at the bottom of the dialog box to hide details of private appointments – make sure this is not checked.

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          by flatfive ·

          In reply to Settings

          No, I verified that that box is not checked. Problem persists, however.


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          by tacw88 ·

          In reply to re:settings

          check views for filters, have the user look at the bottom left corner in Outlook and see if “FILTER” is shown.

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        Try to reset folders

        by ·

        In reply to Exchange Calendars

        You can try to start outlook with the following parameter: outlook /CleanFreeBusy or/and outlook /CleanReminders. You can see all resetcommands at:


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          reset the views

          by tacw88 ·

          In reply to Try to reset folders

          you may also try outlook /cleanviews to reset all views in Outlook.

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      Exchange2000 Error 8003

      by dcdiag ·

      In reply to Join the Exchange interchange

      I keep getting this error message and I searched in and they are suggesting to make this changes in regedit:
      In order to stop this error from occuring, use Regedit and set the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\Browser\Parameters\MaintainServerList from Auto or YES to FALSE
      I still getting this message. any suggestion? please help.

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      A U OK?

      by pearl_rizz ·

      In reply to Join the Exchange interchange


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      PAB issues

      by nightmist ·

      In reply to Join the Exchange interchange

      Hiya. I’m having a problem with personal address books. My users log onto the system and when they bring up Outlook they get an error that it can’t find their personal address book. It asks if they want to use another one, they click yes and it brings up a dialogue box with (surprise) the location of their personal address book. They choose it, click through, and all is good…until they close Outlook. The next time they open it – bang, same issue. My tech support can’t seem to figure it out – any ideas out here?


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        PAB issues

        by nightmist ·

        In reply to PAB issues

        I should have noted that we’re using Exchange 5.5 on a Windows 2000 system (Windows 2000 server, as well).

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          file size?

          by r3d ·

          In reply to PAB issues

          If the mail file is near 2gb, then you need to delete some mail or archive it. If this is not the problem, there are tools from MS to repair the inbox and defrag it, so to speak. Give those a go and see if ti helps.

          Good luck!


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          RE: PAB Issues

          by dominick-murphy ·

          In reply to PAB issues

          This is down to a setting on your Outlook PAB reading settings.
          All you need to do is right click on the Contacts folder and untick using this folder as a PAB.
          Once you’ve done that go into the Mail Configuration Options and remove all PAB file settings.
          Restart Outlook client, then reopen and correctly set the Address Details under the Mail Configurations Options menu.

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      Need “un-read” message report

      by rickpop ·

      In reply to Join the Exchange interchange

      We’re running Exchange 2000 on a W2K server.

      Does anyone know or heard of a way (or maybe a third party add-on) that will show the amount of “un-read” mail messages, by user, for a given Exchange 2000 server.

      We would like to monitor this since we have a lot of new email users, and we want to make sure that no company communications will go un-read after a given number of days.

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        Un-read message report

        by mddm ·

        In reply to Need “un-read” message report

        Does the client’s e-mail remain on the Exchange Server or is it downloaded to a personal folder?

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        One way we use

        by entertaining it manager ·

        In reply to Need “un-read” message report

        I use the Outlook feature for Require a Read receipt on any mails that I send out. Using a rule, the reply is sent to a folder in my Outlook tree which gives me a week by week account of sent emails and corresponding receipts. Really handy when a user deletes an important email without reading it!!

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      IP addresses

      by bloodbath ·

      In reply to Join the Exchange interchange

      Can you run an exchange server with a dynamic IP address? I have Comcast and they do not offer static to the general public. Any suggestions would be helpful. Thank you.

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        A solution

        by mddm ·

        In reply to IP addresses

        A solution to this problem is offered by Dynamic DNS Providers such as TZO. These organizations manage special DNS servers that can be updated either manually through a web form, or in an automated way by a small application running on the user’s server. In the second case, the application monitors the IP address of the interface connecting the server to the Internet, and when it detects changes (or possibly at fixed intervals of time), it contacts the Dynamic DNS server asking to update the record for that machine. This change is then propogated to the non-authoritave DNS servers relatively quickly, as the TTL (time-to-live) value maintained for the machine is low (typically in the region of 5 minutes). The end result is that most of the time, the machine identified by such domain is addressable just as any conventional host with a static DNS record.

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        Set ETRN

        by entertaining it manager ·

        In reply to IP addresses

        Depending on how they have set you up – I would suggest that you get them to maintain all emails at the ISP and then you set your exchange box up to send an ETRN to their server using the FQDN (eg or whatever). You can also set up a small batch file with a desktop shortcut that runs “ETRN” once you log on the ISP, if you are using 5.5 or have issues with 2000/03 versions.

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        by web guru ·

        In reply to IP addresses

        I’m running a whole network from behind comcast (ie. DNS, web, mail,etc.) and I’m not having any problems. I never turn off my cable modem (hence, it keeps the same IP) and I have a static entry at InterNIC (the IP address of my cable modem). Since all my devices are using the same IP, on my firewall (wireless device), I have NAT’d out the entries for my inside servers (four separate servers) – the inside will never change my if the IP address changes, meaning I goofed and turned my modem off, all I have to do is edit my entries on InterNICs site to reflect the new IP and never goof again – now, let’s talk about my fee… 🙂

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        by rbm100 ·

        In reply to IP addresses

        Just find out what IP they give you and make it static. They rarely change IP configurations. And if you do have a problem just set it back to DHCP and find out what the new IP is and make that static.

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      Running ESEUTIL

      by davea_in_darwin ·

      In reply to Join the Exchange interchange

      Hi all, I have a new installation of Exchange 2003. At the moment, priv.edb is showing a size of 15.1Gb, but when I manually add up the total size of all the mailboxes, it only comes to 8.3Gb. Would this indicate that I need to run ESEUTIL with the DEFRAG switch? If so, should this be done when the system is running at a low load e.g. early in the morning? Can someone help me with the syntax? Tks, DaveA

      • #2684155

        Running ESEUTIL

        by kevgar ·

        In reply to Running ESEUTIL

        in order to run ESEUTIL you need to stop the information store, which is usually undesirable. Another solution is stop the information store, make a copy of the edb in a different folder, restart the information store. Now your mail server continues to function while you defrag the copy. When the defrag is done stop the information store, rename the 15 GB file to something else, copy the defragged edb back to the original folder and restart the information store. This procedure minimizes downtime and gives you a safety net in case the defrag bombs or starts incorrectly. Note that to run the defrag, you need approx 2 times the size of the file available on the drive where the file resides, in this case 30 GB. I copy the file to a separate drive altogether to minimize using resources dedicated to Exchange itself. Hope this helps.

      • #2727671

        using Esutil utility

        by dilipkumarmn ·

        In reply to Running ESEUTIL

        Hi darwin,
        Ruinning Esutil utility online will only free the disk space, how ever it is not going to reduce the .EDB file size.
        In order to over come this you need to carry out Offline defragmentaion.
        Please carry out below steps:-
        1. first take the backup of the database (.edb & .stm) and store it in another drive.
        2.Dismount the store, on which you want to run defrag.
        3. Make a note of size of the database.
        4.From command promtpt run following command
        C:\EXCHSRV\BIN\eseutil /d (database path)/t c:\temp.edb

        This will create a seprate temp database, make a copy of original database and work on temperoray database and replace it with the original database.
        Imp Note:- Make sure the drive space where u r creating temp.edb database should have more than 110% of free disk space than ur database.

        then mout the database back and check sending a test mail.
        If you need any assistance, u can reach me on MSN chat my id is

        • #2727645

          Good Call

          by dominick-murphy ·

          In reply to using Esutil utility

          Fair play to the offer of online assistance too, nice community builder 😀

        • #2704353

          Empty Server Recipients & MailBox Resources

          by tom49 ·

          In reply to using Esutil utility

          We had a similar situation and ran eseutil /d priv.edb on a backup Exchange 5.5 server and got our priv.edb down to 10GB from 16GB but there’s no entries in either the Server Recipients folder or the MailBox Resources folder on the backup server.

          Any ideas?
          Thank you in advance for taking the time to look at this.

        • #3108495

          Exchange in Recovery Mode

          by info@progressivepartnersh ·

          In reply to using Esutil utility

          We had exchange running fine on our SBS 2003 server until the raid card crashed. Exchange databases were corrupt and I tried using the utilities on the MS website but nothing worked. I copied away the databases and created ne databases and reconnected the users and now we have a message saying that exchange is working in recovery mode.

          My question would be, how do I get exchange out of recovery mode?


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      by david@anagram ·

      In reply to Join the Exchange interchange

      Is there any way of controlling the maximum size of store.exe on Exchange 2000 on windows 2000 server. We have only 12 users.

      Anagram Systems

      • #2728338


        by peterpapp ·

        In reply to Store.exe

        I am thinking of using Exmerge as a tool for performing brick level backups of our Exchange 2000 server. Has anyone had any experience in using Exmerge for this purpose – is there any “gotchas’ I need to be aware of?
        Instructions on how to set this up would be appreciated.

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      by straightshooter ·

      In reply to Join the Exchange interchange

      I have Exchange 5.5 and a large history of email in the archive file. Can anyone tell me how to gain access to this info? I occasionally have someone wanting the email they sent two years ago to someone.

    • #2691065


      by regie909 ·

      In reply to Join the Exchange interchange

      HOW DO YOU EDIT HOSTS file? Is this a script? What should be in the script?

      Please let me know, I do not know much of writing script. Thank you…

      please send me the reply to my e-mail address at

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      Conferencing Server

      by kami31 ·

      In reply to Join the Exchange interchange

      Any body used Exchange 2000 conferencing server in a routed network.. if yes then how did multicasting was effected. becoz iam been trying to use it but i always get no connection in audio n video conference chat works fine..

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      Installed MS SBS2K3 on VPC2004

      by pconsite ·

      In reply to Join the Exchange interchange

      As the subject states I installed MS Trial Verion Small Business Server in the Virtual PC 2004 on my WINXPPro machine. I have been trying to get Exchange 2003 to work, unsuccessfully. I was able to access Email using IE6 but when I try to access via Outlook 2003 it always fails. I tried to change the configuration parameters within Eschange System Manager but I just don’t know where to start. I really need step by step instructions.

      I have a WIN2K Pro machine that I am using as a client. I can log onto the Domain that I created but not into the mailbox via Outlook.

      This is my home network so any suggested changes won’t bother me a bit.

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      Bad Mail folder

      by vegas07 ·

      In reply to Join the Exchange interchange

      every time we plug our exchange box into the network the “bad mail” folder starts going out of control!!! It will grow so large that it eventually deadlocks exchange. Everyday Symantec finds netsky, but it says quarantine failed, access denied. I’ll run the utility (in safe mode and normal) from Symantec for netsky and says it found no varients. And Symantec is updated and so is Server 2k. If anyone has any insight please help!!!!

      • #2712092

        Same same

        by apatel ·

        In reply to Bad Mail folder

        I’m having the same exact issue.
        Please Vegas07, if you find out the solution, let me know or post it…


        • #2707492

          Open Relay

          by cgrau ·

          In reply to Same same

          Check to make sure that you are not an ‘Open Relay’.
          I had this happen to me also. The ‘Bad Mail’ folder fills up because some spammer is telling your machine to send e-mail to thousands of e-mail accounts. Some of these accounts do not exist. They will try sending spam to, or something similar, hoping to ‘guess’ at a legitimate account, and if it isn’t legitimate, it fills up your ‘Bad Mail’ folder.

        • #2709184


          by apatel ·

          In reply to Open Relay

          Yeap, I checked that over the weekend.
          Relaying is not allowed.

          That was a previous problem we have had.
          So thats off right now.

          I cleared out the bad mail folder, (i dont think anybody has ever cleared it out).

          Since 9-10-04 1:30PM to now (9-13-04 at 11AM), there has only been 213 objects in the bad mail folder.

          Since this is a small company of about 30 people, I dont think that rate is a big deal. Do you?

        • #2709167

          Correction on my post

          by apatel ·

          In reply to Relays

          Let me correct myself on my previous post…

          In the Relaying there are 14 IPs with “granted”.

          1 IP is -> Internal

          The rest 13 IPs are external “sites” we have.

          Should that even matter? I didn’t set this up, this was before I got hired.

          I think I should be able to take away all those “granted” IPs and not allow any relaying at all. I saw one of the external IPs goes to “” which is our Outlook Web Access.

          My questions is, should I take all relaying off without taking down “Outlook Web Access”???

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      Get at message templates from OWA?

      by rseidl ·

      In reply to Join the Exchange interchange

      Good day all.
      Does anyone know if I should be able to get at e-mail message templates, that are stored on our network, from within OWA on Exchange 2000?

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      OWA “Page not found”

      by ageranger10 ·

      In reply to Join the Exchange interchange

      My users are experiancing a “Page not found” error while accessing their mail via OWA2003. I have found several KB articles but nothing applicable to my setup. I’m not using Front-end/Back-end servers or () in user’s names or passwords. I was also experiancing this with Exch2K. Anyone have any ideas?

      • #3170806

        OWA “Page not found”

        by snoel ·

        In reply to OWA “Page not found”

        In Exch2K, I had to perform the following steps:

        Uninstall IIS
        Reinstall IIS
        Apply Win2K SP4
        Reinstall Exchange (be sure to choose reinstall) using current folder settings
        Apply Exch SP3
        Apply Exch SP3 Rollup

        Once complete, fine tune OWA by the following steps:
        Go to IIS
        Default Web Site for OWA
        Home Directory
        Choose “select a redirection to URL”
        Type in the redirect to text field
        Select a directory below this one for the client will be sent to section.

        A full listing is at

        Hope this helps.

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