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Exchange Calendars

by FlatFive In reply to Join the Exchange interch ...

We're running Exch2K on 2K server with 2K clients. I have one, and only one, person with the following problem:
When attempting to print his calendar (in any view BTW), only the recurring appointments show up. All appointments show up on the screen, but non-recurring stuff is missing from any print-outs or print previews. This occurs regardless of who prints it (we have a few folks with editor or view access to his calendar).

Has anyone seen this? I have scoured the boards and MS's site, to no avail.


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by MDDM In reply to Exchange Calendars

There is a setting when you choose File, print at the bottom of the dialog box to hide details of private appointments - make sure this is not checked.

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by FlatFive In reply to Settings

No, I verified that that box is not checked. Problem persists, however.


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by tacw88 In reply to re:settings

check views for filters, have the user look at the bottom left corner in Outlook and see if "FILTER" is shown.

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Try to reset folders

by In reply to Exchange Calendars

You can try to start outlook with the following parameter: outlook /CleanFreeBusy or/and outlook /CleanReminders. You can see all resetcommands at:


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reset the views

by tacw88 In reply to Try to reset folders

you may also try outlook /cleanviews to reset all views in Outlook.

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Exchange2000 Error 8003

by dcdiag In reply to Join the Exchange interch ...

I keep getting this error message and I searched in and they are suggesting to make this changes in regedit:
In order to stop this error from occuring, use Regedit and set the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\Browser\Parameters\MaintainServerList from Auto or YES to FALSE
I still getting this message. any suggestion? please help.

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by pearl_rizz In reply to Join the Exchange interch ...
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PAB issues

by nightmist In reply to Join the Exchange interch ...

Hiya. I'm having a problem with personal address books. My users log onto the system and when they bring up Outlook they get an error that it can't find their personal address book. It asks if they want to use another one, they click yes and it brings up a dialogue box with (surprise) the location of their personal address book. They choose it, click through, and all is good...until they close Outlook. The next time they open it - bang, same issue. My tech support can't seem to figure it out - any ideas out here?


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PAB issues

by nightmist In reply to PAB issues

I should have noted that we're using Exchange 5.5 on a Windows 2000 system (Windows 2000 server, as well).

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