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MS Word bottom margin problem - help!

by Roxanne @ TR In reply to Join the Microsoft Office ...

Sometimes, in MS Word (97 at home & 2000 at work), while in Print Preview, I receive the message that some text is outside the printable margin on a standard 8.5 x 11 page. I'm presented with 2 options:
If I choose "Fix", the bottom margin is changed to 2.67, and I may or may not lose the footers - but the content will be repaginated at the new, shorter page format.
If I choose "Ignore", any printed page cuts off at 2.67", and the bottom text is absent.
The cut-off is permanently embedded in any print-preview from then on. If I copy the content to a new document file, it starts out OK, then the margin cut-off happens again the next time I go to Print Preview.
I've checked Page Set-up/Margins & Paper Size. I've checked the print drivers (it happens on both the Epson and HP printers). I've reinstalled MS Office 97. None of these have helped.
Any ideas? I'm at my wit's end. It's so frustrating to have the bottom fall off a 15 page specification document, after 2 weeks of work!!

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Try 'OK'

by carol.balk In reply to MS Word bottom margin pr ...

What happens if you choose 'OK' instead of 'Fix'? I have Word documents that routinely give me this message but I always respond with 'OK' (or whatever the other option is) and the document prints fine on my (HP) printer, which will print to within .25" of the edge of the paper. I always keep Word margins .3" or greater and in spite of the warning, everything is printed as it appears on the monitor.

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Try fit to page in printer properties

by misszip100 In reply to Try 'OK'

Go to file. Print, Properties, Utility, and click fit to page. The printer will fit the document to the page.

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Margin fix

by rhickey In reply to MS Word bottom margin pr ...

There are a couple of things to try/ do
1.In File/Page Set up, change your margin settings on the first tab (margins)
2. On the Page Size tab select A4 as the page size.

I tried it leaving only .3cm as bottom margin and it printed no problems.
You are prompted to Fix or Ignore - choose Ignore


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Word Processor Compatibility may be the cause

by tryitagain In reply to Margin fix

If you are looking at documents back and forth first in Word97 and then in Word2000, it may be that Word is trying to "work" as the other.

From the Tools menu, select Options. Click on the Compatibility tab and select the proper version of Word you are working in from the drop down list.

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by XxdrummerxX85 In reply to Word Processor Compatibil ...

I found that changing the compatibility in the options menu of the tools tab worked the best. If you are opening the document from an email or any other data base you will run across a lot of these problems. Thanks for the help "tryitagain"

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A Question

by Matmak In reply to MS Word bottom margin pr ...

If I may,

I notice you mentioned that it happens on either the Epson or the HP are these both attached to the same machine and if so do you altyernate as to which is the default dependant on Job.

My reason for asking is that when you first open your word document the default template is paginated to the page settings which are affected by device settings of your printer i.e. the limitations the driver tells your computer it has.

Thus you open up your document create it and save it when your HP printer is the default, you change printers or take the document home to work on your home PC which has the epson, therefore when you try to open it regardless of the version of word, it will repaginate the document to the values as per the default printer settingsand vice versa.

I noticed you also stated that your footer disappears or is cut in half check the Footer offset value in page setup then print preview and adjust until it is visible.

I hope this helps


Martin Mack

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Same thing here!

by kmichael In reply to MS Word bottom margin pr ...

We have experienced the same problem in a few documents here. If you try to print the document (no matter whether you chose fix or ignore)the last few lines at the bottom do not show. Our margins are set to be 1" at the bottom.

The only thing I have noticed is that the problem does not occur unless you go into page setup to check the setup. As long as you never go into page setup everything works fine and you receive no error messages. But once you go into page setup and exit (whether or not you make any changes, and whether or not you click ok or cancel), when you try to print the document you receive the warning that some material is outside the margins even though it was well within the 1" margin.

We have tried recreating the documents from scratch that this occurs on, and re-installing office 2000 but nothing has fixed the problem.

There may be some help in following the compatability fix mentioned in tryitagain's response, as we have many documents that were created using word 95 and we are now using word 2000.

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HP Printer Drivers

by TxMischief In reply to Same thing here!

It is most likely your HP printer drivers. I work for a law firm and have seen this run rampant. Through a legal technology newsgroup, I learned that it was the printer drivers. Check HPs website for new drivers for your printer. They've only recently released ones that fix this problem. If you look at the specifics for the printer driver on their site, it will be listed as one of the fixes included in that particular driver.

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Ditto the printer drivers

by Long Sam In reply to HP Printer Drivers

Thanks, TxMischief, for pointing out the printer drivers. In our shop it also appears to be a printer driver issue. Glad to hear HP is stepping up.

This occurs to us most often in documents which move between portrait and landscape modes. Headers and footers are not handled correctly. Check to be sure there is a section break for every switch, and be sure, in headers/footers, to turn off the "same as previous setting."

However, we've noticed sometimes it is purely the printer driver -- the problem disappears if the document is queued to another type of printer.

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