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Novell 5.1 Antivirus

by dmiller In reply to Join the NetWare connecti ...

have a 200 user Netware 5.1 department and running Sophos antuvirus on client and server side. antivirus works well infor 98 clients but will not auto-update for NT/XP (I think it is NDS) has anywone else encountered this and also what other Antivirus softwares manage auto updating centrally for the server. (Options could be to push updates with Zenworks)

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Suspect the User Account

by hekkletekk In reply to Novell 5.1 Antivirus

If the user isn't a local admin, their account won't have the rights to run this or any other anti-virus software update or installation. They won't be able to do a LOT of things.
You could make the user a local Admin, but there are several problems with that, one being security, another being changing 2000 accounts.
We have the same issue here for our McAfee and Inoculan AV products as we are moving 100% to XP.
We used to make heavy use of login script deployment and updates which worked finewhen we were 98% Win9x - we visited the three sites and manually updated the 50-75 NT/2000 users. This will no longer work for us, just as it isn't working for you.
However, you mention you have ZENworks. That is your salvation, as it has been ours.
Create an Application Object or a Scheduled Action Policy in a Workstation Package and set the Object or Policy impersonation level to System or Unsecure System.
If this doesn't make sense, you'll need to get trained on ZENworks for Desktops* - spelling out how to do these things is beyond the scope of this reply.

*You also mentioned auto-updating SERVERS - that would be handled by ZENworks for SERVERS.

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Not likely NDS

by Exodos In reply to Novell 5.1 Antivirus

We run McAfee on our desktops and servers. I have never had a problem with autoupdate on the desktop. Just configure the program to download it from the web and thats it. I could never get the servers to autoupdate when they were NetWare 5.x. After I updated them to Netware 6 the autoupdate started working and has worked since. I think that 5.x had some communication issues. I also had replia sync problems, time sync problems, etc. All went away with the upgrade.

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There's a better way

by Network dude In reply to Novell 5.1 Antivirus

I'm using Symantec Anti-virus Corporate Edition and can't say enough good about it. All updates are automatic and transparent. Tech support is great. The cost is reasonable. I get GroupWise e-mail updates that I configure for any signature updates to servers, update failures or viruses found. I think a trial version is available. I'm on a 5 server NetWare 5.1 network with 1 NT server and 150 NT/2000/XP/Win95/98 workstations.

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I second, and third that! Go NAV.

by mis In reply to There's a better way

I concur with 'Network dude'. Compared to any other antivirus including Firewall installed with virus stripping, Norton CE beats all! It is so reliable and so centrally managed that I now only spend time reviewing events and checking into new Viruses, not fixing them. One hitch, recent viruses hitting Netscape 4.x clients may lose the INBOX file to remove virus.

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Novell 5.1 Antivirus

by joea In reply to Novell 5.1 Antivirus

Sophos has a hard time with NDS.

If you look, it is likely that the account you created for the NT service to login to Netware, is locked out, or is locking out frequently.

It is a bug in the way Sophos does their thing, (for the NT update service login, that is) logging into NDS. They will not admit it tho.

Good as their AV stuff is, they seem to be brain dead where their NT class client service login is concerned.

Your solution is, setup an NT server to act as the CID, or, ask for your money back, if they don't fix it.

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Novell 5.1 Antivirus

by Grolan In reply to Novell 5.1 Antivirus

Hmmm, odd, our w2k clients are updating just fine from a NetWare server. No service account lockouts or trouble logging into NDS. I can't say enough good about Sophos, having switched from InocuLAN. Oh well, YMMV as they say...

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by joea In reply to Novell 5.1 Antivirus

Do you have bindery context set, by chance?

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NW51 & SAV

by jlmiller In reply to Novell 5.1 Antivirus

make sure your CID is set correctly with all the desktops. Then make sure you have this line in your login script. Do a "if OS =" statement to select the correct line.
;; Virus Scanner
#\\NWFS1\sys\Sophos\W95Inst\setup -inl -a
#\\NWFS1\sys\Sophos\NTInst\i386\setup -inl -a

Also, make sure the users has access rights to the location of the CID.

If you are not too sure the workstations have the correct CID, install the next update as a new install from the server CIS location.

As a footnote, I use the savadmin component on my laptop to check all my clients updates.

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Banner Pages in NDPS

by Jim_Farmer In reply to Join the NetWare connecti ...

Banner info does not correctly appear in NDPS print jobs using the latest HP and Novell Gateway. The problem does not appear when using the Ricoh Gateway for our copiers. Patched up to latest levels. Any ideas on how to get this one working?

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