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Join the Pink Ribbon Brigade... Again!

By Tig2 ·
For the second year, I am walking the Breast Cancer 3 Day. This walk raises funds and awareness of a killer that we can stop through early detection and dedication to a cure.

Last year, many of you walked with me for 20 miles, three days in a row. You heard about the training and you knew what the effort looked like.

So very many of you have supported this with me.

I won't name names. I will say that the peers of TR raised $1050.01 to get me on top of my original goal- $5000. With your help, I surpassed that goal. I am currently at $5760.01. That amount represents the National average for ONE chemotherapy treatment for ONE person, uninsured or underinsured. The average chemo protocol is 6 treatments. And the penny is the seed for next years fundraising- from a loving peer. Thank you.

Last year, I asked people to step up the week of the walk. This year, I am asking you to step up now- work is a HUGE chunk of my time and walking for training is even bigger as we get closer.

Please choose to change your current avatar to a pink ribbon for the MONTH of August. I will be walking the 60 over the weekend (Geekend?) of Aug 24, 25, 26. Our current route has us within a mile of the collapsed 35W bridge. How wonderful to carry a message of life in the wake of that devastation!

Please walk with me in a celebration of life and 60 miles of respect for the angels who have gone before us. Join me for another 60 miles of changing lives.

If you have someone whose name you would like carried, please post it to this thread or PM me. Every life makes a difference and I want people to SEE the difference! The statistics are just numbers. Those who have fought the fight are PEOPLE. Everyone should see them.

I am walking this year with the Couch People. If you were here for last year's walk, you know that the pollen count will raise the bar this year. Jody's whole family will be joining us as supporters this year.

And this is important to Jody's daughter- she needs to see that her mother has left her a legacy.

Can we turn TR pink again? Beth, Jay- I think we can.

Support the fight against Breast Cancer. Go to to learn more.

If the link appears to be broken when you try it, PM me. I have ways.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

EDIT: If you want a ribbon, PM me. Or just use mine. It all works!

Edited again to remind you all that this is the final week!

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Pink is the thing

by NickNielsen In reply to Join the Pink Ribbon Brig ...

I'm there!

Keep walking Tig.

And don't forget the towels.

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Towels, I got

by Tig2 In reply to Pink is the thing

They have tigers on them. Appropriate, no?

Thanks, Nick. I probably started this at the wrong time and am hoping that it doesn't get buried over the weekend.

Thanks for "walking" with me!

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If worst comes to worst

by NickNielsen In reply to Towels, I got

a "hey youse gu-uys!" post on Monday ought to catch things back up.

I have tigers on my (college) towels; I can't believe they are still holding up after over 30 years! Know anybody who has lions or bears? :^0

edit: stupid keyboard did what I told it to do, not what I wanted it to do!

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There are a bunch of ribbons available at the link below

by OnTheRopes In reply to Join the Pink Ribbon Brig ...
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Have I told you lately?

by Tig2 In reply to There are a bunch of ribb ...

You are just so great! Thank you so very much!!!

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You're gonna embarrass me. <br>

by OnTheRopes In reply to Have I told you lately?

I just try to do what I can to help. You and Mike are doing all of the heavy lifting. <br><br><img src="" border="0" </a>

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there we go

by midniteone In reply to There are a bunch of ribb ...

pink midnite, if there is such a thing.

good choice of .gifs at the address above provided you're not an amateur like me and grab the wrong url (argh)

it must be Monday (!)

missed your efforts last year and couldn't manage to visit the 'walk' site at the weekend but suspect vista and IE7 were ganging up on me - going back tonight for another look.

all power to you and your support network over the long weekend, T2.

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Thanks, Midnight

by Tig2 In reply to there we go

You look good in pink.

The company that hosts the 3 Day site has been having challenges lately. They are trying to get the 2008 site designed and accessible. Hopefully the problem will be fixed soon.

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back again

by midniteone In reply to Thanks, Midnight

I have a feeling that midnite pink should be one of the wife's lipsticks, but let's not go there...(!)

link to the walk site is working fine tonight (about 2030 BST which must be about 1230 TR time) - think I had an IE7 problem with the anti-phishing feature - so I guess they're open for business!


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Thanks for that confirmation!

by Tig2 In reply to back again

I was having trouble with the direct link earlier but not having the same problem now. I didn't worry too much as they have always been good about resolving technical problems quickly and I know a back door method that I am reluctant to publish.

Midnite Pink. Hmmm

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