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By debate ·
This is the third discussion thread of our ongoing Windows Server 2003 discussion, where you can post your WS2K3 questions, enter comments about our weekly Windows Server 2003 newsletter, and offer suggestions for future tips.

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Windows 2003 SP1

by chris In reply to Join the Windows Server 2 ...


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VPN on 2003 !!! It Urgent

by abdulm In reply to Join the Windows Server 2 ...

I have sbs 2003 ON wind2k3 which is upto date. Im seeking to implement VPN Connection from home cleint to Office with Sucure way. We have dailup Connection instead of Public IP which is ( Better for VPN ).

Now my questions are.

1) Installing VPN Server Securely.
2) How to configure Dialup Connection, Suppose I connect to Ineternet through Dialup Service. After Installing VPN Server in One System instead of server. Placing Modem with Another phone Line and Client Dialing to this VPN Server and could have well Speed Access with security
to office network.

Is it possible way or else any other from your side.

Any suggestion would be appreciate you.

-Thank Q.
IT System Engineer.
Sharjah Intl Airport.
UAE. 7**9

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Windows 2003 VPN with dial-up

by tharris1917 In reply to VPN on 2003 !!! It Urgent

1. Do you have Windows 2003 Spk1 installed?
2. Is this a one-way connection? Only need to dial-in from the client computer?
3. What OS version is running on the client? And is client already configured with modem and using dial-up to access the Internet?(If not, you want to go ahead and set this up beforehand and get it working).
I am not sure what you mean by "After Installing VPN Server in One System instead of server". If The Windows 2003 server will not be the VPN server, what will be the VPN Server (what computer and OS)?

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by fnajera In reply to Join the Windows Server 2 ...

When you make a BINDS DNS server a slave to a Windows DNS you have to add the BINDS DNS servers to the Name
Server and Zone Transfers?

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BIND DNS with Windows 2003 DNS

by tharris1917 In reply to Questions

I assume you have Windows 2003 with Spk1. Do you have Active Directory installed on this server? If so, are you using an Active Directory integrated zone?
And what version of BIND are you running on the non-Windows systems?
Note: Microsoft says mimimum BIND version of 8.1.2 in order to integrate DNS with Active Directory - which is a nice feature cuz zone transfer is then done by AD.

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Hi i am jai ganesh

by dharanijaiganesh In reply to Join the Windows Server 2 ...

Pls send the details notes of windows 2003 administration

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Win Server 2003 SE SP2

by anggwaponi In reply to Join the Windows Server 2 ...

though i understand that this post about WS2K3 was quite some time already that it was posted but fortunately as i may say it, that i'm just yet about to start to learn of it.

besides, i hope that i'm not so late in reviving or making some inquiry about the said subject.

and hoping i can learn from the different Master(s) who have pass already on this topic:)


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