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The Day the Earth Stood Still


What is the World Wide Strike Effort?
On Sept 11th 2007 every person in the World should Stop Working.
Every US Military Soldier Should Stop Fighting.
Every Iraqi Soldier should Stop fighting and agree to a Cease Fire.
Every Business, Every Service should Stop Working.
( with the exception of Emergency and Essential Services.)

Around the World Everyone in the World should Stop what they are doing,
And stay Home or March in the Streets to Protest the Evil Republican Empire World Wide.

The reason is, the Republicans in the US have Killed, Enslaved, and Imprisoned and Oppressed Millions of People world Wide. People in China, Thailand, Philippines, Iraq, and many other Poor Nations around the World are forced to work for the Republicans as Slaves for the Republicans. The Republicans have even reduced the people here in the US to being Slaves for the Republicans. We Work for Republicans, We pay Rent or Mortgage Payments to Republicans, we give our Money to Republican Banks, we Buy Republican Products, and in exchange for it all, they Reduce us all to Slaves and Kill and Imprison and Torture as many people as they can just so they can make Money for themselves.

On September 11, 2007 the Rein of the Republican Empire will come to an End.
Because on that Day we will come together as a People WORLD WIDE and Declare our
Independence from the Evil Republican Empire.

Everyone in the World who wishes to Join in our Efforts should Not Work, Should not Buy anything from Republicans, should not Pay Rent, and Should Pull all of your Money out of the Banks before September 11th 2007.

This is the Day we all should unite together as ONE Around the World, and SAY NO to the Republicans in EVERY country around the World. Those in Poor Countries should no Longer Submit to Republican Slavery, and DEMAND a Minimum Wage of at LEAST $4.00 per Hour. Equivalent to 4 US Dollars Per Hour. AROUND THE WORLD, we should stand up and Proclaim a WORLD WIDE MINIMUM WAGE of at LEAST $4.00 dollars Per hour. This will Prevent the Republicans from using the people as Slaves to make themselves Rich.

If everyone both the US, the Iraqis and all the Extremists, and Muslims all over Iraq and the Middle East, all Lay down their Weapons, and Call a Cease Fire on September 11th 2007
To Protest President Bush, and His Administration, and make a Statement that WE as a People World Wide WANT PEACE, EQUALITY, FREEDOM, AND FAIRNESS FOR EVERYONE, not just the Republicans. And DO NOT RETURN TO WORK OR FIGHT, Until the Republicans have fallen from Power Completely. If you work after September 11th 2007 you should Work for Democracy, Work for Freedom and Equality, Work to help spread Wealth Distribution by Supporting a WORLD WIDE MINIMUM WAGE of at LEAST $4.00 per Hour in EVERY COUNTRY around the World.

PROTEST the Crimes of the Republican Parties in every Country World Wide, and in Every Country World Wide Prosecute the Republicans for the Crimes they have committed.
We should not agree to support the Republican System the way it presently stands. Because here in the US the Legal people of this Country have shown by their own actions in failing to file even ONE CHARGE against the Republican Party for their Crimes against Humanity, and ignoring the Causes of Global Warming and Recklessly Endangering the Lives of everyone on the Planet. As well as Enslaving, Killing and Oppressing as many people as they can. Innocent Civilians were Killed in Iraq and the U.N. did NOTHING. This shows that the ?System? has not only failed, but it no longer exists. Therefore an Election will do nothing to correct these Problems, if the Legal people have been willing to look the other way for some of the Greatest Crimes in US History, then the System is Corrupt beyond repair with just an Election.

The Japanese have studied the mind for Thousands of years, and it was the Japanese who first realized that War is an Obsolete Practice. Because no one actually wins in War. So this is why the best way to fight the Republicans Around the World, is not by staging a Civil War, but by hitting them where it counts. Take the money out of their hands. Remove their Power, the Republicans NEED Slaves, because they do not Work, they do not Fight in the Military, and they do not CARE about anyone else but themselves. So the best way to Defeat this kind of an Enemy is with the Japanese Tactic of ?Soft Power?.

By Refusing to Work until the World Stock Markets Crash, once the Stock Markets around the World Crash, the Republicans will Lose everything. They will lose all their Power, and all their Slaves because no one will agree to work for anything Less than $4.00 an hour ever again.

Then THE PEOPLE of the World can build a NEW Democracy in each Country, where everyone receives the Respect they Deserve. And NO ONE will ever be treated as a Slave again.
If the US Military Refuses to Fight the War for Profit for the Republicans, and the Iraqis agree to lay down their Weapons to show THEY want Peace as well. Then the US Military should Leave Iraq. Peace Keeping Forces from the U.N. may take over if they want to and if the Iraqis Request it. But the Bush War for Profit should End on September 11 2007 Enough is Enough.

We the People of the WORLD do not Want any more American or Iraqi Lives to be Lost in the Bush Holocaust. It should all End NOW! I do not believe there is ONE Single Soldier who really WANTS to be Killed in the Bush Holocaust War. I do not Believe there is ONE Single Iraqi who Really WANTS to Die in the Bush Holocaust War, for the Republicans Oil Pipeline Deal.
Therefore being that the only person who really wants people to kill each other is BUSH, then I Call for all the American US Troops to Cease Fire on September 11th 2007 and end this War NOW! And in Return the Iraqi Soldiers should agree to a Cease Fire as Well, and if they do, the US Troops should begin Leaving Iraq immediately. Allow the Iraqi people to take care of their Own Country the way they see fit.

If the Iraqi Government Believes it still requires Military assistance after September 11th they can Request it from the U.N.

ALL people around the World, should Cease paying any Taxes until the Republicans in their Country have been arrested and Charged and Imprisoned for their Crimes. In the US more Tax Money is spent on Building up our Military than anything else. And if No one in this World really wants to be Killed in a War, then what are we doing? It is all a Mind Game played by the Republicans. It is War for Profit, and the more they do it the more they take Complete Control of the World. To Stop them we must JUST SAY NO. Stop Working, Stop fighting for the Republicans, Stop giving them Money, Stop Paying Taxes, just Stop EVERYTHING until the Republicans give up all their Money back to the people, and are arrested and convicted of their Crimes and Imprisoned or Shot for Treason, War Crimes, and Crimes against Humanity.

The way this plan will work, is everyone around the World Refuses to Work until the Stock Markets around the World Crash. Once the Stock Markets have crashed, each individual will not work for LESS than the equivalent of $4.00 per hour US Dollars. The way that works is, even the Peasant Farmer in the Poorest Countries of the World, will re-calculate the Prices of his Crops, and not Sell them for Less than his Labor Charges of $4.00 per hour. People WILL pay the Price. You must have total faith in that, or the Plan will not work. Because the Republicans Enslave you by making you think no one will pay you what you want. As soon as you believe them and submit to them, then they win, and you become their Slave. To free yourself from the Republican Slavery, DEMAND $4.00 an hour, no matter what you made before, no matter what you do. Demand AT LEAST $4.00 an Hour. If you hold out, and do not accept any less. Then eventually the people will pay. If you have the FOOD, and everyone needs to eat, eventually they are going to pay you what you want no matter what. If EVERYONE in Every Sector of Every Society all Raises their Minimum Wage to $4.00 per hour, then everyone will have the money to buy what they need. Every Economy in every country in the entire WORLD will rise up all at the Same time after the Stock Market Crash. Then the Republicans will not be able to afford to treat people as Slaves anymore anywhere in the World. Even the Poorest places in Africa should Demand at least $4.00 an Hour Minimum wage. Then there will be no where the Republicans can Enslave people anymore. The Republicans will become Powerless without their Slaves.

Then we can start working on throwing the Republicans in Jail for their Crimes because they will no longer have the money to bribe people and buy their way out of Jail anymore. They will no longer Control the Media, they will no Longer Control the Military, and less people will be getting killed. The Countries around the world can Relax because Bush will no longer be a Terrorist Threat to the World. The Bush Holocaust will END on September 11th 2007 in this way, it can end as it all began. And Bush the most Hated man in the entire World will finally be rendered powerless.

So on September 11th I ask you to Join together as ONE People around the World, and commit to Striking against the Evil Republican Empire and Protesting the Bush Holocaust which has Killed, Imprisoned, Tortured, and Oppressed MILLIONS around the world. Stand UP for FREEDOM, FOR WORLD WIDE EQUALITY, and FAIRNESS, and Stop Working until the World Stock Markets Crash.

Pass it around, Print it out, E-mail it to everyone you know!

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I'm registered democrat and still think your an idiot

by DanLM In reply to JOIN THE WORLD WIDE STRIK ...

No wonder the world is in such a mess. There are people like you.


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Funny, I was thinking the same thing

by w2ktechman In reply to I'm registered democrat a ...

more or less. Actually you said it better than I was going to!

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The anarchy you describe

by Tig2 In reply to JOIN THE WORLD WIDE STRIK ...

Is tantamount to terrorism. It sounds to me as if you would openly suggest that every American commit an open act of terrorism on the 6th anniversary of 9/11.

I would like to think that I am reading this completely inaccurately and that your real suggestion is that we should take some minutes from our day to think and reflect on how each of us could come together to make this a better world. Unfortunately, my reading comprehension is better than that.

So my counter offer to those of you who do not believe that fighting aggression with aggression is the right answer- choose to change one thing in your life that would have the net result in making the world around you a better place.

Beats the alternative, in my opinion.

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Where's Max When We Need Him

by TheChas In reply to The anarchy you describe

It's people and ideas like this that exacerbate how much I do miss Max.

Can you just imagine the reply that Max would write about this?

The only sadder thing is that if by some stretch of reason a major social network event in protest of the war did happen, the present administration would totally ignore it.


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I hear you, Chas. And I agree

by Tig2 In reply to Where's Max When We Need ...

I really hope to see someone with a grip and a clue weigh in on this.


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I know what you mean

by AV . In reply to Where's Max When We Need ...

Max would just have a field day with this guy. I'm sure we would have seen the "You are an idiot!" link several times. I miss his lively discussions. Wish he would come back, no questions asked. Wonder if he still reads our discussions?

Millions of people around the world have protested against this war, but the administration has not changed direction. I don't think its because they're ignoring the protests, I think its because it isn't so easy to get out. I haven't heard the "stay the course" mantra GWB used to use in a long, long time. "We broke it, we bought it", as Colin Powell once said, rings truer than ever.

All the protesting in the world isn't going to fix Iraq, unfortunately. They've always been a country in turmoil and we were fools to get involved, but now the US is in the middle of it and we just can't walk away. We need the right strategy to get out of there and not leave a worse mess than it was before, if thats possible. The only good thing is, Rumsfield is gone.


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Amen to the Rusfeld comment

by DanLM In reply to I know what you mean

If we would have had ANYONE else as S.O.D., this war would have been over by now.

Sorry, I'm off topic.


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You're not off topic at all Dan

by AV . In reply to Amen to the Rusfeld comme ...

We should have done what we're doing now 4 years ago. We didn't have enough troops to pull it off and it was because of Rumsfield.


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Only Obama is still calling for immediate retreat

by jdclyde In reply to I know what you mean

Everyone else is being realistic that no matter who is President, an immediate retreat would be an utter disaster, and who ever called for it would be responsible for the slaughter of millions of people afterwards.

Right now it is like holding the tail of a tiger. Soon as you let go, it is going to bite someone.

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Tiggers Idea is Better (by far)

by w2ktechman In reply to The anarchy you describe

I agree Tigs, I hope everyone will spend a few minutes in remembrance on 9/11.

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