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Join WinXP Pro to W2K Server Domain

By theclaritygroup ·
As network supervisor I need to join a new WinXP Pro Desktop-usually very easy. Performed usual steps to configure for end user - among other steps, uninstalled Norton, turned off Win Security Center Firewall, entered domain user name and password in Network ID, etc. then plugged in network cable, opened my computer to properties to join domain on server. Surprised to see LAN already connected, and able to ping server and other network machines, can't ping it back. But tried to change from workgroup to domain, and join - mssg - can't detect domain, make sure spelled right. Used other network machine as example to validate names,spellings. Spent two hours on phone with manufacturer techie-stumped. Ran Diagnostics-all okay. Suggestions?

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by sgt_shultz In reply to Join WinXP Pro to W2K Se ...

and what did you say your error message was?

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by sgt_shultz In reply to

...otherwise how will i narrow down all those links i get when i go to and search the Windows XP knowledgebase using 'join domain error' as my keywords...there's bunches of reasons for this to happen. it is dns related betcha. your error will help us. also look in the event logs on the client that should help also

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by CG IT In reply to Join WinXP Pro to W2K Se ...

if your running DHCP, your steps "entered domain user name and password,... then plugged in network cable" may not have allowed sufficent time for DHCP to provide the workstation with an IP address and DNS servers.

run ipconfig/all and if you have a valid IP address on the subnet the domain is on, try rejoining with an account that has privileges to "join computers to domain".

If you run ipconfig/all and get a ip address run ipconfig/release then ipconfig/renew to obtain a valid ip address from DHCP or you can configure TCP/IP with a static address on the same subnet as the domain.

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by p.j.hutchison In reply to Join WinXP Pro to W2K Se ...

You might have got an APIPA address which is an automatic IP address when there is no DHCP server available when you boot up the PC.
An APIPA address is non-routable so it might not be accessible outside its subnet.
You need to renew the IP address (see other reply) to get a valid IP address and other info to allow you to join the domain!

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by Pritchards In reply to Join WinXP Pro to W2K Se ...

Use complete user name ie. domian\<username>.
If this does not work, machine name...Ip address duplication could be reason. Sysprep tool is very handy to strip SID and then try again.

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by noly_big_boy In reply to Join WinXP Pro to W2K Se ...

You said, "can't ping back". Try to reconfigure your ip (if you're using a static ip) that is in the range of your pre-defined ips. Recheck the domain name that you were entering and check also the username and password which you are using to grant access to the network if it has a priviledge in order for you to join the domain. Worse, replace your network card and do it from the start again.

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by stuck_in In reply to Join WinXP Pro to W2K Se ...

I have had a similar problem with a lot of laptops. They could se the Internet, ping everything and otherwise worked fine but would not join the domain. My problem lied in what administrator account I was using to setup up the PC for the domain. Since I have multiple admin accounts there should not be a difference but the PC liked one better than another even though they had exactly the same rights.

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by fieldy In reply to Join WinXP Pro to W2K Se ...


Did you point the client NIC Card DNS to the server IP? sounds like that is the issue here. Try to ping the machine NETBIOS names, instead of the IP's (Office1 etc)Also, the error meesage should give you a details TAB, which if you click on it, may point out which type of issue it is.

Let me know how you get on??


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by jprice53 In reply to Join WinXP Pro to W2K Se ...

Make sure when you log admin rights... you enter user name ... tab to password and enter Domain/password to achieve access. Leaving the domain out leaves you out.

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by tjonas In reply to Join WinXP Pro to W2K Se ...

I had that situation once before. Make sure your computer BIOS name is not the same as soemone already on the network. Also make sure if you using static IP that is not used already. To join domain you must have login with admin right to the domain.
Hope this helps.

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