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Join With Me Against XP

By valakan ·
Ladies & Gentlemen:
We are facing a great crisis in the IT industry. This crisis stems from GREED. Microsoft's greed in particular. Bill and the boys in Redmond has discovered that they can put out a new O/S, Office Suite and various other productsevery 2 to 3 years and then use their loyal MCSE and MCP troops and their vast marketing machine to shove it down the public's throat. Now they have a "subscription" service. This insures that once you buy XP you must continue to pay Microsoft moneyor face a gradual loss of functionality and eventual shutdown of the system.
As long as the public continues to buy this garbage Microsoft will continue to create more O/S and other packages to shove down the public's throat. My solution is simple. Boycott XP. Don't buy any books or training materials about it, don't express any interest in it and by no means let any software with the "XP" name into your home or business.
Hopefully if XP flops and Microsoft loses a lot of money they might re evalute their marketing and development strategies. I don't know about the rest of you but Windows 2000 has more than enough bells and whistles to keep me busy for the next decade.
Thank you for your cooporation.

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I'm with you....

by TimMitchell In reply to Join With Me Against XP

I'm on board with your idea... I oversee the administration of 3000 desktop systems in an educational environment, and I have no intention of upgrading from our current Win2K/Office2K platform. MS has gotten too greedy, and they feel invincible (particularly with the Supreme Court ruling this week). I hold an MCSE in WinNT, and will probably upgrade to Win2K, but I have no intention of pursuing WinXP certs. I have been working with Linux and Sun Solaris 8 (both of which can be aquired for free) and I like both the products. MS continues to release a new OS and office suites every 2 years, and continues with this nonsense Product Activation and subscription licensing scheme. This will cost small tech shops (like mine) a lot of time that could be better spent supporting users; large organizations may well have to hire a full-time 'MS license specialist' just to monitor product activations and licensing issues.

Microsoft will not listen to one or two of us, but if enough folks get fed up with their antics, they will lose market share and may go the way of Apple in the early 90s.

Thanks for the comment. Best of luck!

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What is XP

by marshallkeithusa In reply to I'm with you....

eXtra Payments. . .Try linux less M$ more fun LOL

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Let XP collect dust

by tekhead79 In reply to Join With Me Against XP

I absolutely agree with you, let the copies of XP collect dust on the shelves. If we don't make a statement now, its not going to get any better. Soon Microsoft will go from marketing a new O/S every 2 to 3 years to a new one every year and the rest of the industry will follow suit shortly ... all in the name of profit. Enough is enough already.

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XP tags

by MidlAgdGy In reply to Join With Me Against XP

I know this will work because MS removed the smart tags from Windows XP due to public protest. I don't think XP will sell anyway because IS shops are short on cash and XP offers no gotta have features and people are starting to shy away from being so dependent on MS.

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Good point...

by TimMitchell In reply to XP tags

Another good point, MdlAgdGuy. Win2K and Office2K have more features than the average power-user will use, and MS has stated that WinXP/OfficeXP do not have that many new features and are built on the same platform. For the money, it's just not worth the upgrade.

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XP = time for a Redmond Tea party

by JimHM In reply to Good point...

Just like in Boston - only this time in Redmond - a XP Tea Party... Yea.. a little end-user revolation - time to wake up Mr. King Nerd Gates to "HOMME DON'T PLAY THAT - ANYMORE" -

XP has no real functionality to the end user - but has much morefunctionality for Gates and company. (as in more money - more money).

When you purchase (if) a SA or EA agreement - you are forced to upgrade to XP - even if you don't install it.. Then if you want service agreement - all the product must be under an SA or EA agreement or they will not sell you service.. All you Office installation - or all your OS -

A SA licensing will cost my company over $1.7 million a year - EA about $1.6 and don't even talk about the "Microsoft Porn" subscription services. Microsoft has changed their releases to only major releases no steps - to fix major release bugs - to every 18 months... so we would pay $1.x million for nothing - so in 3 year - we would get 2 major releases for $6.4 million dollars.. hum - just doesn't add up.

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XP is too expensive

by Thantos In reply to Good point...

I believe in the policy of out with the old and in with the new, provided the new is worth it ofcourse. But this is ridiculous.
XP should be nipped in the bud.

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Its time to dump XP and get Star Office

by ramk In reply to Join With Me Against XP

Its high time people realise MS strategy. Let us all put our effort in promoting STAR OFFICE in place of XP.

Hope SUN listens.

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Star Office needs just a little more wor

by ExpatJohn In reply to Its time to dump XP and g ...

Agreed. Star Office is the only way to go, but it still needs a little more work. Specifically, it needs the multi-lingual support that O2K has. We do a lot of work in Japanese here, and so far, Star Office doesn't support that.
However, I have heard that SO 6 will have that support, so we're waiting until that release to test over here.
But, for XP? Not in this shop, buddy.

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I agree with the theory...

by ricardoferreira In reply to Join With Me Against XP

Microsoft can?t just hope that IT Pros continue updating the MCSE certificates every 2 or three years...
Of course Mr. Bill and his folks are only seeing the money aspect of the a new OS release, it is always the same strategie. The IT Pros? Well they will have to do the certifications again... Whats the big problem... I think that Microsoft has to be controlled by some institution with the power to do it, because it seems to me that many of the clients that buy Microsoft produtcs have just one way. Buy when Microsoft tells you to, and buy what Microsoft tells you to, or else... Let?s end this charade.

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