join xp workstation to server 2003 machine.

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I have been trying to create a domain for my friends business using 2003 server, and I have created all of the computer and user accounts in AD but I cant join any xp workstations to the domain. I can ping the workstations from the server but cant ping the server from the workstations. I believe all of the physical connections are correct (server & WS's connect to a switch)is there some sort of security function on the server I don't know about? when I try to join the domain, it gives me a Dns name doesn't exist type error. with a network of only 5 WS's do I really need to run DNS /DHCP on my server as well or use the ISP's servers for this? PLEASE HELP!!!!!

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AD uses DNS

by shardeth-15902278 In reply to join xp workstation to se ...

Not sure what might be the source of your ping problem but...
There are several entries which the Domain Controller places in DNS, dealing with varous Domain resource locators,etc... which your host PC's need to be able to access. For a small office, you will probably find it easiest to just set up DNS on the Domain Controller. You might want to consider calling the domain <business>.local, as that will provide a convenient way to separate the local business domain from anything you are doing internet facing.

You can also keep the DNS implementation simple, by creating a default forwarder to the ISP's DNS servers if you wish. (Rt-click the dns server > properties > forwarders).

This is a rather abreviated answer, but hopefully will get you pointed in a useful direction.

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