Joing 2 networks with different wireless securites

By gene ·
Help required.

I have a situation where we have 2 networks in a house.
Network A is the customers network with internet access and secure wireless using WPA.

Network B is our network with a router with no internet access. This is wireless with WEP security. It's installed for our AV remotes to talk to equiment around the house. One specific peice of equipment (Imerege) on our network would like to access the internet to find album artwork etc. We just want avoid another broadband account with added costs.
Can I link these 2 networks so the Imerge can have internet access from the other network, but doesn't compromise any wireless security.
Our AV remotes only work on WEP 64 bit

Sorry if I have left out any other important details, but please ask if so.

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Not wirelessly, but...

by sidekick In reply to Joing 2 networks with dif ...

I don't think you can connect the networks wirelessly if they are using different ecryption types.

Is it possible to connect them with a network cable? If you are using a wireless access point with a built in firewall/router and it has ethernet ports on it, you should be able to do that and configure it according to what internet access you want to give.

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Wired connections

by gene In reply to Not wirelessly, but...

The 2 routers are side by side, so I can connect them directly.Its just configuring the one static IP on network B to gain internet access through network A.

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wire connection?

by cto In reply to Joing 2 networks with dif ...

You can run a cat5 cable from network A to the equipment directly if the router A has an open ethernet port. Or if you don't mind internet access on all the equipment on router B, you can run a cat5 cable from router A to router B and plug it in the WAN port in router B

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by gene In reply to wire connection?

As network B has access points around the house using WEP encryption we are trying to avoid any internet access through this network apart for the one peice of equipment the Imerge Sound Server. The Imerge hs to be on network B for the remote controls to talk to it. But we would like the Imerge to be able to have internet access through network A.

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wired connection/additional wireless car

by cto In reply to Reply

In that case the solution would be a direct wire connection to the sound server or add a second usb wireless card to the sound server and configure network B on it.

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