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    Joining 2 Domain Servers


    by sam_alderete ·

    Hi everyone. i have been setup a network in our small office i have 1 domain controller with active directory and also a file server. my question is my boss wants me to set it up on our new branch and we wants to have the access on every files in the other location and vice versa. it would be the same structure and also the users in my active directory how would i do that. can anyone help me. and is it posible?

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      Reply To: Joining 2 Domain Servers

      by cg it ·

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      well, if the branch location doesn’t have a lot of users, they can use the home office DC to authenticate with and log on to the domain provided that there is sufficent bandwidth on the link [think everyone logging on at once at 8am will that make the network slow and sluggish].

      As far as files, use DFS to centrally locate shares which are browsable in Active Directory.

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