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    Joining a child domain


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    Hi,I’m working on window 2003 server.My company has a big network.I’m enterprise administrator.There are a lot of child domain under the forest.One of my collegue want to join a domain under a child domaing but he couldn’t,it prompts him a message access denied .He asked me to give him the enterprise password but it’s illegall to do so .So what can i do to give him the privelage to join the domain.Thank you.

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      by fre_work ·

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      Adding workstation to the domain?

      by smallbiz-techwiz ·

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      If he is trying to join a computer to the domain, he’s going to need administrator priviledges for that domain. You can make his user account a member of that domain admin group just long enought for him to complete the transaction, then remove his membership. No passwords need be disclosed.

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        Enterprise Admin is overkill..he needs domain admin rights

        by why me worry? ·

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        Enterprise Admin is only needed when making changes to the AD schema or to the forest root domain, but simply creating a child domain of an existing non-root romain requires domain admin rights. There is no other way around it and whomever dicates your corporate policies regarding giving out domain admin rights should review his/her knowledge of AD because people won’t be able to get work done otherwise. This can be a temporary assignment of rights for the purpose of joining a child domain, but like I said, there is no other way around this.

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