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Joining a Domain

By ja_rotes ·
I had a customer move two win 98 machines from one of his stores to another. The domain name is the same at each store, but on seperate servers both running DHCP. I walked him through how to joing a domain, re-entering the same domain name. He was prompted to reboot and when he logged in he got the message that there is no domains available. That Pc still had the other stores IP address and all other configurations. I had him try go to the command prompt and type ipconfig /release_all, and it would not release the address. So I had him set up a static address, after rebooting he logged on to the network. I am curious how to join a domain if there is an existing domain setup with the same name but different configurations.

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Migrating to the same domain

by jbaker In reply to Joining a Domain

I think the easiest way to do this is to join the machine to a workgroup (thus removing it from the domain), then join it back to the domain. This will completely release the tokens and create new ones.

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98 and domains

by In reply to Joining a Domain

i dont believe that 98 cares about domains except to login. i think the issue was the IP addresses. you should now be able to remove the static addresses and get dynamic ones. not getting an address from your new server is probably because of the dhcp address the 98 system already has logged. i dont think that its cleared with /release. i have had to assign addresses, login and removed the addresses for the system to connect.

now domains and NT based systems. they care a great deal about domains and as the other guy already posted your best bet is to change the setting to workgroup, reboot, add to domain. now one thing to remember with 2k and xp your profile will change names if you dont rename the old one. your new name will be something like user.domain

i know i ramble some times :)

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98 & domains

by lwburrows In reply to Joining a Domain

Win 98 does not recognize the ipconfig/release command. got to Start|Run and type winipcfg. In the dialog that appears, you have both release and release all buttons. You also have a More button. Clicking on the More button brings you to a more detailed dialog where you can select which interface to release and renew as well as see the mask, gateway and more when a DHCP address has been obtained.

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