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Joining a new computer to a domain rights only

By SysAdminTech ·
Ok here's the seniero I have several technicians rolling out new computers. As we all know during a rollout we need to join the computers to the domain. Unfortunately due to political reasons I cant give the technicain doamin admin rights. Therfore they can't join the computer to the domain without contacting me. Does anyone know how to create a snap-in or a group policy that will allow a user join a computer to a domain without giving them Admin rights In a windows 2000 enviourment.

Thank you in advance

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Install ADS and make domain users

by namitswar In reply to Joining a new computer to ...

Since u want the pc to be connected to the domain and not give them admin rights , u can create domain users and assign them minimum rights.

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Account Operator

by NTSysop In reply to Install ADS and make doma ...

Assign them Account Operator permissions.

They can join a Domain but do not have other Domain Admin rights

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Domain Policies

by TITSSNI In reply to Joining a new computer to ...


In the domain policies there is a policy that specifies those who are allowed to add/join computers to the domain. Add the technicians IDs to the list. They don't need to be domain admins to do so, just need a policy with their IDs. Make sure they have domain user rights.

The Suite

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Domain Policy

by SysAdminTech In reply to Domain Policies

I follwed your instructions but the reply states access denied. Im I missing something here?

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Does this still apply 3 years later?

by barth.travis In reply to Domain Policies

I can't seem to find the specific policy...


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Try this

by johnnywatt In reply to Joining a new computer to ...

I have not tested this. However, I remember it being something I saw when studying MCSA Server exam.
Use the AD Users and Computers Snapin. Go to View > Advanced Features. Right click the "Computers" container and view the Security tab. Add the "Group" of users joining the computers to AD or a single "User".
Then test it. This could really, really not work because I have not tested.

Edited NOTE:
I believe it's "Create All Child Objects" for the ACL. FYI.

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by SysAdminTech In reply to Try this

Your advice has been completed but still no go.


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domain right

by ketanshah108 In reply to Joining a new computer to ...

Any persion given admin right to joint is domain accounts in given to joining the domain . this users domain user name & password is tekan & jointes . But why i have checked domain admin rights given (yes & no )

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