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Joining a Professional Organization - any value ?

By Murr ·
My question (being early in my career) relates to professional organizations. Is it worth paying to join these organizations? Does it help your career and make your resume a little better ?

I know some organization require you to join if you get one of their certifications... but what about the others? any one had some experience with this?

for example ISSA, IAPP, IEEE, IETF, ISC2, (the list goes on)

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Professional Organizations

by Info-Safety, LLC In reply to Joining a Professional Or ...

These benefit both employee and employer, as they help keep their members abreast of developments in their field and add credibility, and provide access to a broad array of experience and expertise. In addition, local chapters provide good in-person networking opportunities. I would suggest you select one or two organizations that are a good match for you and your employer. If you make a good business case, your employer may pay for your membership.

Good luck.

Craig Herberg

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In my experience, the IEEE with an additional subscription to the IEEE Computer Society is excellent value for money in terms of keeping up to date with IT information and networking, plus providing a good view of what is happeing generally in the general electronics engineering space.

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Big Value Potential...

by jgarcia102066 In reply to Joining a Professional Or ...

Like most things, just joining a professional organization will not give you opportunity to enjoy its greatest potential. Becoming active, on the other hand, can open many doors for you during your career.

Like many other facets of business, it's not always what you know, but who you know that will get you in the door to your dream job. Using some professional organizations to get to "NETWORK" or know people may be the key to getting to the next step in your career.

Good Luck.

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How to join these organizations?

by ysilent In reply to Big Value Potential...

In China , I've hardly heard someone around me join these organizations.And never see the materials about how to join these organizations.How can I join them?

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by dinotech In reply to How to join these organiz ...

Go to the website of the organizations: IEEE Computer Society is; search on the acronym such as AITP to find the organization you are looking for. If you don't know any organizations, search on Professional Organizations. Narrow the search by putting in the word "computer" in between professional and organizations (or use the work association in place of organization) HTH

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Network or Not Work!

by pauln1 In reply to Joining a Professional Or ...

Just an old adage I learned a long time ago from a friend and could be the main reason to join in and of itself! Also the info you pick up as a member could be very usefull to either you or a [potential] employer.

I really wonder how many jobs are won or people that have moved up in the world by titles on a resume?

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Titles on the resume

by BFilmFan In reply to Network or Not Work!

Sadly the title of your last job will show your potential to move ahead. No one moves from desktop deployment engineer to senior vice president of infrastructure, no matter what they truly did in their last poistion.

I've known a person that held the job title small systems engineer who actually had a CCIE and was the infrastructure architect. But because the job started back in the old mainframe days, the title never changed. I told him to tell his boss to get it changed or they could try and find a "small systems enginner" that had the knowledge and skills he did. He rapidly got a new job title.

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Professional Organizations

by LrBogert In reply to Joining a Professional Or ...

In my experience, joining one or more of the professional
organizations available to your particular field opens door to
services (email, insurance, job opportunities) and activities
related to your field that are ultimately invaluable.

For the IT field, ACM membership is one of the best.
Additionally, for those in the IT field who are Electrical
Engineers, membership in IEEE has numerous benefits, including
extensive technical magazines and a comprehensive insurance

I have been a member of both since college (not paid by my
employer) - a cost-effective investment, in my opinion.

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by sylink In reply to Professional Organization ...

Most pro associations regulate the professional practice and conduct continuing edu program, and this gives most employers some confidence in the empolyee. In turn, it benefits your job standing. ISACA for those in systems security/audting is worth joining.

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More help than not!

by Frank Askins In reply to WORTH GIVING A SERIOUS TH ...

I think your answer lies in visiting several IT job sites. As mentiioned previously, it affords you a good opportunity to "network", but a key factor in making your decision is looking at the requirements listed on job posts. The majority of them now list certification requirements such as CISSP, CISA, GIAC, etc.

Will it help your career if you don't have a certification? You bet! In today's job market, lack of a certification will limit your options. As for my experience, having a CISSP has made a significant difference. Everyone uses some form of "tie breaker" when chosing between several equally qualified candidates.

I've actually seen an individual with the right certification chosen over one that had a Ph.d.

Of course, having a certification doesn't ensure you will be selected. It's the "whole" package that counts (experience, certs, etc.)

Good luck!

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