Joining Linux computers on a "remote site" to Windows domain

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We have a lab set up where we need to have Linux clients at a "remote site" join our domain. To get the Linux Clients on the Domain we are using a program called LikeWise, the program works great because we can get computers on the Local side to join without a problem. Our problem is when we try it on the other side we get a "domain controller for cannot be found" error. We have full conectivity accross, I can ping from remote client to our DNS server. However the remote side cannot resolve hostnames for our local domain. We are pretty sure we need to point the Linux DNS server to the windows DNS server somehow but none of us are excptionally Linux Savy.

One thought that crossed our minds was to set up a RODC on the remote side have the computers on the remote side join that instead to solve the problem. We are just trying to avoid that solution because that's how everyone else has decided to go and we just think there must be another simpler solution. If not please let me know.

(I tried my best to diagram it let me know if you have any questions.)

Firewall------LocalRouter=======Remote Router
E0/1 | S0/1 | | |
192.168.x.x 172.x.x.x
Network Network
| |
| |
Domain Controller Linux DNS
DNS Linux Client

Sorry I relized the diagram didn't come out the way it looked well I was making it, I left it incase it does help in some way but if you need any more clarification let me know.

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by ---TK--- In reply to Joining Linux computers o ...

What Linux distro's are you using?

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Ubuntu 9.6

by netadminstudent In reply to question....

We are using Ubuntu 9.6 for our all our Linux machines.

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ok, here are a couple links...

by ---TK--- In reply to Ubuntu 9.6

But one question, are you sure its not Ubuntu 9.04?

Blog with trouble shooting steps
Check those sites out... maybe you missed something..?

Also, on the linux machines are you able to ping the DNS server on the other site by IP or by FQDN?

Look into the command in CLI "net rpc /?" for the list, or "net rpc testjoin", "net rpc join". Or "net dom join"

there are a whole mess of options with the net command... run "net /?" and check out your options. Post up if you have any more questions... hopefully this helped a little.

Added: you can also config kerberos in the GUI, I believe its under "Authentication" in the administrator section. Might give you a set of errors to work with.

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by netadminstudent In reply to ok, here are a couple lin ...

Thanks, sorry for the late response. We can ping the DNS server by IP address only, it will not resolve DNS on that side of the network. Just to clarify everything is working great on our local network (that is running it's own windows DNS/DHCP server) its the remote site that is our problem(this is supposed to have linux machines on it). We are probally missing something stupid but since none of us are really that good with Linux it makes trouble shotting things difficult.

By the way thanks for the links but getting likewise to work isn't really where we are having the problem, we are almost positive it's a DNS issue. At this point I think we are going to cave and set up a read only domain controller on the remote site in order to get this working. thanks for the help.

LocalNetwork====Serial Link========RemoteSite

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