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Joining Vista to a Windows 2003 Domain

By tvv1974 ·
We are planning to roll out Vista in our environment. We are current on a Windows 2003 mode forest. Are there any known issues with joining Vista to Windows 2003 Domain?

We are planning for an image roll out of Vista...any issues encoutered with this kind of roll out?

Please advice...


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wait on vista

by jamesjhill In reply to Joining Vista to a Window ...

I work at a large manufacturing company, the corporation decided to roll out vista on all their new computers. The manufacturing line has been down for over 2 weeks now. I would seriously wait on a while before rolling out vista.

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The manufacturing line has been down for over 2 weeks now

by NOW LEFT TR In reply to wait on vista

Lie - Lie - Lie - Lie

This would never happen as you could just reinstall what you had before.

What about your testing - this would have shown the problems up.

This is a Lie 100%

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The manufacturing line has been down for over 2 weeks now

by tvv1974 In reply to The manufacturing line ha ...

I agree 2 weeks of downtime is a kill for any organisation. It looks like proper planning and testing hasnt been done for sure.

However, can i know what the problem was? which led to such a huge downtime?

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Go Fot It

Go for it mate you wont get many if any problems with compatibility with your servers if they are on server 2003. Everything worked fine with us. The only issue you might have it with your antivirus!

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by asuarez In reply to Go Fot It

Hi Zak,
could you be so kind as to tell me what AV you are running and what version?

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Anti Virus

by UserDeletedByRequest In reply to anit-virus

Hi i am using Symantec Antivirus Enterprise 10.2

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by UserDeletedByRequest In reply to anit-virus

If you want to e-mail me about it my address is

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by CharlieSpencer In reply to AV

you may want to change your TR profile to enable others to send you messages. This is safer than posting your e-mail address in the clear, since the sender doesn't know your address until you reply to him.

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not really

by CG IT In reply to Joining Vista to a Window ...

no real issues to speak of. Now that's not to say there isn't any issues with applications. Many applications and devices that worked with XP don't work with Vista.Mostly devices with drivers that aren't supported by Vista. Printers come to mind. roxio and nero might not work. Nero 7 does with exceptions. The newest version of Roxio does but not older versions. stuff like that.

If it was me, I'd put a workstation on the network and see before rolling out Vista to everyone.

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