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Joining win9x clients to Win2000 domain

By A?KanGeL ·
I need to now how to join win9x clients in a domain with a server running W2K Advanced Server with SP4. I already installed the DS client on a test 9x client, but I couldn't get it to join the domain. After rebooting a get a msg saying that the client didn't find any domain server to validate the account. can you please instruct me on how to do this???

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by CG IT In reply to Joining win9x clients to ...

make sure client for microsoft networks is install and that you choose to logon to NT domain.

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by chris In reply to Joining win9x clients to ...

First, ensure you have network connectivity. Can you ping the domain controller? by IP address and by hostname? Do you have WINS setup in your environment?

When having troubles joining a domain, I always revert back to the LMHOST file. I would modify the LMHOST file to include the name and IP address of the Domain controller.

A sample LMHOST file is included in all windows systems. I forget the exact path for Win9x, but do a search for LMHOST.SAM below the Windows directory.

Copy that file to your LMHOST. (no extension) file, and modify it to include you DC information. All downlevel clients authenticate against the PDC, so ensure the PDC is included in the LMHOST file. You should also check that the LMHOST is being used (check IP settings).

This has worked for every remote system I ever installed (a lot) and had problems with. After modifying the LMHOST file, it is best to reboot (can also do a NBTSTAT -RR and NBTSTAT -R ) and try joining the domain.

Let me know if it helped any.


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by A?KanGeL In reply to

Thanks a lot Chris, you bailed me out with this one

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by A?KanGeL In reply to Joining win9x clients to ...

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