Joomla Equivalent to ASP

By blacknred0 ·
i've been looking for a web development application like Joomla!, but in the microsoft world. so far i found DotNetNuke... but my hosting does not support it. i was wondering if anybody knows if there is a joomla! equivalent application to the asp side.

thank you in advance.

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by Jaqui In reply to Joomla Equivalent to ASP

you WANT to use Microsoft's AWFULLY SH!TTY PAGES? [ ASP = Awfully Sh!tty Pages ]

why do you want your website to crash and burn daily?

why do you want to drive ecommerce dollars to your competition?

I have yet to see any asp or website do better than 75% uptime. yet the OPEN SOURCE php gets 99% uptime.

stick with joomla, as badly written as it is, it still kicks butt for any asp script.

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I know

by blacknred0 In reply to ~shudder~

i know how asp sucks, but the hosting service provider that i have is asp by mistake . i would not mind using joomla! at any time but since it is microsoft i need to install any type of web administration that is equivalent to joomla!.

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no you don't

by Jaqui In reply to I know

just ask hosting provider to add php and mysql to the system, then you can use Joomla.

or transfer your account to one that does support php and mysql.

heck, iiit would only take me a minute to set up an account on my linux hosting servers. :)
[ no MS servers for me, only Linux servers ]

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