Josh Yudell Need Some Suggestion regarding Online data storage services

By Joshyudell ·
How safe are Online data storage.

I have read a lot regarding data storage services. Clouds as they say. Services which maintain that data on their servers is the most excellent bet. On Sunday, thousands of G-mail users have been left with empty inboxes after their accounts were unintentionally wiped clean. Are online storage services like and SkyDrive still the safest when it comes to storage? Is a file written on a CD less safe than stored on such online storage services. What if such "glitch" happens.

Josh yudell

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RE:- Is a file written on a CD less safe than stored on such online storage

by OH Smeg In reply to Josh Yudell Need Some Su ...

Depends on how you store the CD I suppose.

If you leave it in a position where it can get stolen then yes the cloud is safer.

If you leave the CD in direct sunlight then maybe not as the CD will be wiped and unusable but at least your data will remain secure.

If the CD is stored in a safe place away from direct sunlight them the Cd is much safer than the Cloud.

Personally I see everything placed in the cloud as Public Domain so I expect Absolutely No Security or for that matter if it is a Free Public Cloud I don't really expect it to be there when required and I honestly wouldn't be overly surprised if it was sold for others to use at their own whim.

With all Free Public Clouds I expect No Security, No Ability to have the files available when required and No Privacy.


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Online Backup Redundancy

by ElephantDrive In reply to Josh Yudell Need Some Su ...

Josh - I'm glad that you asked about the google like 'glitch' where your data may get wiped. Here is a quick comparison of Cloud vs. CD backup.

Some cloud backup providers have built in redundancy for all the data that you backup with it. This means multiple copies of your data in multiple locations. This is to ensure that even if a glitch like such deletes the data in one place, there is always an extra copy of it for extra safety.

Not all backup services have this type of redundancy (I work for a provider that does, happy to share more details if you're interested). If you choose to go with a cloud backup service, make sure that they provide such redundancy.

A file written on a CD may come out cheaper because it's a one time cost and no maintenance costs associated with it. However, the safety of data on a CD is not comparable to data stored in a safe cloud backup service. A CD can be damaged, lost, stolen, misplaced, etc. It is also not redundant unless you make multiple copies of it and put them in geographically distinct locations. A good cloud backup service, like ElephantDrive, backs up your data in safe and secure environment with multiple copies of it in geographically distinct locations.

If you have any other questions, feel free to reach me at or 1(800) 778 4055 ext 129

Disclaimer: I work in the Biz Dev Team at ElephantDrive.

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Josh yudell wanted to say Thanks

by robortpeter In reply to Josh Yudell Need Some Su ...
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What Are You Looking For?

by a.portman In reply to Josh Yudell Need Some Su ...

Skydrive, Dropbox, and their cousins are cloud storage for active files. Think of it as a USB drive you don't put in your pocket. Advantages: multiple clients, synchronized copies, easy to use. Disadvantages: No connection, no files; security is in the agreement. Face it, if your data is on someone else's servers their are risks. You would need to look at each individual companies terms and see if it fits for you.

CDs would be fine for backup data, since opening that spreadsheet, adding this weeks sales and saving it to the CD again is problematic. CDs and DVDs are also pretty small by today's standards for storage. CDs as backup are fine provided you store them, preferably three sets, safely as others have said.

Online backup services have pros and cons as well. Look very carefully at their terms, the redundancy they offer, how they will handle your data, what the long term costs are going to be, and the connectivity needed. Not everyone has the bandwidth to move servers of data to cloud backup.

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by robortpeter In reply to Josh Yudell Need Some Su ...

Thanks a lot a.portman for giving me (Josh Yudell) a information about CDs

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james fogg wanted to reply to josh yudell

by jamesfogg In reply to Josh Yudell Need Some Su ...

this is james fogg from oxford capital.Here I am stating about online data storage services.

The most prominent online backup service providers stake their reputations on keeping your data safe and secure during both file transfer and the online data storage facilities. Before the files even leave your computer, they are secured using at least 128-bit SSL encryption technology. That is one of the same security measures that banks use while you are performing transactions.

Of course, in this day and age, nothing can be guaranteed to be 100% secure but that is about as close as you can get. The transfer and storage encryption techniques may vary depending on the online backup service you choose to use, but all of the reliable services will use one of the accepted security measures to keep your data safe and secure. I am not claiming to be a security expert but I will try to simplify the process.

Some of the other safest online storage services are:-
1.Zip Cloud.
2.Norton Online Backup.
3.Google Drive.

josh yudell u can try the following online data storage services.

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Online Data storages are much safer options than usbs.

by robortpeter In reply to Josh Yudell Need Some Su ...

Josh Yudell the question which you have put up is a very commentable one.
Online data storages are much popular nowadays.Because they are much safe as well as easily accessible.
In this time of networking accessing net services can be easily done anywhere or everywhere.So u can opt for skydrive or appbox or rather some other cloud storage service..

James Fogg from Oxford Capital have already answered this question quite correctly.Josh Yudell u can look up to this answer for further queries.

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Online data storages are the most defacto standard nowadays.

by robortpeter In reply to Josh Yudell Need Some Su ...

Well Josh Yudell,online data storages are much popular nowadays.They are much more secured than storing in other accounts.So Josh Yudell u should choose online data storages over any other choice.

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