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By snmir1 ·
next to a TR article trashing google [Google killing their Generation Y credibility?], i noted several interesting articles:

+6 ways to cut costs with Microsoft's cloud services
+Microsoft makes collaboration more efficient
+Microsoft helps leading global beverage company unify their workforce
+See what Microsoft's cloud services can do
+Find out how Microsoft's cloud services can help make your business more efficient

i did not realize before i clicked on the first article that it was a paid microsoft ad. it is a bad and misleading journalistic practice to include ads next to editorial copy without indicating that the ad is, in actuality, an ad. indeed, many of us, including me, ignore banners, i did not realize initially that the blatantly pro-microsoft piece that i was reading was actually a microsoft ad, particularly since it conformed to the sympathy of editorial piece. by the way, i check the spelling of this comment in gmail.

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