jQuery AutoComplete using AJAX - what am I missing?

By Graeme1589605680 ·
I am trying to use jQuery AutoComplete for a client / customer selection input field - on a simple test page (that I plan to enhance, once the AJAX part is working).

I have copied (verbatim) the JQuery sample JavaScript from and the only change I have made to this is the"#..." ID name, and the URL value in the "source" definition.

The back-end server (which is running Django) receives requests from the JavaScript fine, and seems to generate the JSON callback string correctly. Here is its output:
U>curl http://localhost:51181/AjaxClientAutocomplete/?term=adm
[ {label: "ADMAC", value: "109"}, {label: "Administration Software L", value: "110"}, {label: "Adminsoft - Office Rental", value: "111"}, {label: "Adminsoft - Reimburse Int", value: "112"}, {label: "Adminsoft - Royalties", value: "113"}, {label: "", value: "114"}, {label: "Admiral Word Publishing B", value: "115"} ]

Using the developer tools on my browser, I have copied the HTML that the DOM sees into a test HTML file on my hard drive. I have cut this back to the bare essentials, and made several variants to test what works and what doesn't.

Using a local variable as the AutoComplete "source" works fine - including with it being an array of objects as per the full string shown above (copy-and-pasted into the JavaScript).

So the JavaScript (shown below) seems to be sending a request to the server OK. The server is receiving this and responding - seemingly with a correct JSON response. The JavaScript just doesn't seem to process this and update its source label / value list, so it can use this like it does when the source is a variable with the same list.

I am fairly new to this technical area, and can't think of anything else to try. Can anyone see what I am missing? Here is the JavaScript:

$(function () {

source: function (request, response) {
url: "/AjaxClientAutocomplete/",
dataType: "jsonp",
data: {
term: request.term
success: function (data) {
minLength: 2,

P.S. I have stripped out the "log" components due 2500 char limit.
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