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    JRE 1.6


    by rwaldman ·

    For the past few days, since I installed JRE 1.6 I have been getting a script error message when I receive the Tech Republic Daily Digest. I click on CONTINUE and everything seems to read OK. Am I getting the error because you are still using a Java 1.5 version to produce the Digest?

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      by rwaldman ·

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      what e-mail client

      by jlmccracken ·

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      I work on TechRepublic newsletters and your post was brought to my attention. I was hoping you could provide me with additional information.

      What email client are you using?

      Julie Buchanan

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        Sorry, I thought I replied

        by rwaldman ·

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        Dear Julieb75, Sorry I thought I replied to your questions. I use Outlook Express as my email client. I am still getting the script error, but only on the Daily Digest, and not on any of the other CNET daily reports that I receive. I always click on CONTINUE and there does not appear to be anything wrong with the page as it is displayed.

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