JScript invalid comment lines

By a ·
My HTML page contains following piece of the JScript code:

<html xmlns="">
<!-- ... -->
<!-- ... -->
<script language="JavaScript" type="text/javascript">
var arr = new Array(); //result cach?
for(var i in arrPattern)
if (bMatch != arr)
bRes = false;
/*IE 6.0 generates error #1019 "Error: Can't have 'break' outside of loop"
The error is caused by the character > 0x7F inside the comment line: see the word
cache in the comment above!


Script engine used by IE 6 becomes deranged if a comment line contains characters above 7F.
Is this a bug or a feature of the JScript?!

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Total Guess

by Maevinn In reply to JScript invalid comment l ...

But if the code was written in Word, it probably converted the ... to an ellipsis, and it's indicating the ellipsis is an invalid character based on it's HD. Try putting spaces between the periods.

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