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Juggling Admin Tasks

By rsmith ·
I just started at a new company that is a royal mess. No cable management, no security, 9 servers for 50 workstations, no software accountability.

I am kind-of overwhelmed. Does anyone know of a utility that sort of organizes Network Admin Tasks,duties? I guess this sounds wierd, like I don't know what I'm doing or something. I have been trying to make lists of issues that need to be addressed and I keep thinking that there ought to be some sort of template out there somewhere.

There is just so much that I don't want to miss something.

Any suggestions would be helpful. (Not about what to do but about a plan of attack)


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Prioritize Prioritize Prioritize

by maxwell edison In reply to Juggling Admin Tasks

All of the various tasks can indeed become quite overwhelming, but they will never be insurmountable, nor they will ever "get the best of you", so to speak, unless you let them.

You just started with this company, and there are scores of things you see that need to be fixed, upgraded, or otherwise addressed. Don't (necessarily) start out just fixing the first thing confronted with. But rather step back and take an assessment of what you see, what you have, and what is wrong. Make a list of all those things. Moreover, invite your superiors, your peers, and even those you support to submit their lists as well. Reconcile those lists, and prioritize the tasks from most important to least important. You may want to do this in concert with your superiors. Not only will this help you develop a plan of attack for what you really need to do, but it will also send a clear message to everyone in the company that you not only intend to address the things you think are wrong, but you consider the concerns of those you support as well.

As far as finding a utility to do this for you? Well, just consider yourself the most important “utility” player on the team. (A little baseball lingo, there.)

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