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    Jump Drive From Olympus Camera


    by dkbayne ·

    Is there a way to download off of Smart Media to a Jump Drive without needing to go thru a computer.

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      Need an interface

      by thechas ·

      In reply to Jump Drive From Olympus Camera

      Sure, it would be possible to create a device that would allow you to transfer data from 1 memory device to another. An old laptop would likely be less expensive though.

      First, you need the hardware and firmware to read the SmartMedia card, or connect to and talk with the camera.

      Then, you need memory to hold the data temporarily.

      Finally, another hardware and firmware interface to write the data to the jump drive.

      You also need 3.3 volt power for the SmartMedia card and 5 volt power for the USB interface to the jump drive.

      If such a device exists, expect it to cost around $50 (US retail).

      You would have more versatility investing in a USB SmartMedia reader and more SmartMedia memory cards.

      Since SmartMedia is capacity limited to 128MB, most camera manufactures have/are switching to higher density media. New Olympus cameras use Xd Media cards.

      If you search the overstock and obsolete equipment sellers, you may be able to find a SanDisk Cruzer drive for SmartMedia.
      These jump drive like devices allowed you to plug media cards into an oversized jump drive.


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