Jump List in Windows 7

By luv2bike2 ·
I have Windows 7 Professional and up until yesterday my Jump List were icons and now they are showing up as text. How do I get them back to Icons?
I don't know how the Jump List changed.
I am assuming that its called Jump List. what i am talking about is the icons on the bottom to the right side of the windows start icon I don't believe it is the quick start. you just hoover over the icons (IE, outlook, etc) and it will show you what is opened in those programs.

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You have changed the desktop theme (the Personalize function) ..

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Jump List in Windows 7

Most likely you have changed it to a Lesser quality of 'eye candy'.

Only the 'flashy' desktop themes deliver ICONS when you hover over the open program entries.

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Taskbar with minimized programs?

by IC-IT In reply to Jump List in Windows 7

Do the programs still have their icons in the Start - All Programs list?

Ah, found this it may help;

If not, in the older tweakui for XP there was a restore icon feature. It may be in the unofficiasl win7/Vista program found here;

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its hovering over the program Icons.

by luv2bike2 In reply to Jump List in Windows 7

Thanks for your suggestions however they did not work.

i don't believe it is the jump list that i am after.The problem is on the bottom left next to the Start button they have shortcuts (like the quick launch bar) it is when you hover over the icons like internet explorer and outlook it will show you thumbnails of what is open for IE ... say i have 5 IE's opened it will show 5 thumbnails of what is opened and i can hover the pointer over one of them and the IE will come up on the screen, hover over the next IE and that window will show up, if i move the pointer if i click on the thumbnail than the window will appear and stay there.

Thanks for any suggestions.

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problem solved

by luv2bike2 In reply to Jump List in Windows 7

i did a system restore to 2 days ago and now i have the thumbnails instead of text.

now the question is how/why it changed to text from the thumbnails.

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That's not a solution, that's a workaround to before the problem ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to problem solved

All you've done is go back in time to a point before you changed the desktop theme.

Generally the concept is that you ask a question, then read the answers that we give you.

It's easy really. :)

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OldER Mycroft if you read my posts

by luv2bike2 In reply to That's not a solution, th ...

than you would know that the suggestions that were given to me did not work!
It is easy to read all post before jumping to conclusions.

Yes I know what I did was a workaround, and in my last post I did mention:
"now the question is how/why it changed to text from the thumbnails."

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I'm stating this as a fact ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to OldER Mycroft if you read ...

I run my 64-Bit Windows 7 Pro, 8GB E8500 Core2Duo, system with a 'Basic Theme' in order to get the absolute maximum processing power where I want it - in my programs.
The taskbar pop-ups feature Text ONLY.

For the purposes of this thread, I've just changed the Personalized Desktop Theme to United Kingdom' which is one of the 7 'Aero Themes' on my UK install.
The taskbar pop-ups now feature the little pictures of the Windows they represent!

That is how I know how it changes. As stated in my initial reply.

I was pointing out that your post entitled "problem solved" might NOT attract any more replies.
Edit for typo.

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