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Jump-start on PHP and ASP

By Aldanatech ·
I still don't know all the details, but I was recently informed that I will soon be working on a couple of projects involving PHP and ASP programming on a Fedora server. I hardly do any web scripting or programming but I am willing to give it a shot. What would be the best sites and resources to help me out on this?

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Loads but

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Jump-start on PHP and ASP for facts and figures &, got me started with use how to examples.

P.S. I'd avoid the asp on the fedora box unless you are transferring existing code.

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Tony's right about

by Jaqui In reply to Jump-start on PHP and ASP

asp on linux boxes.
unless they install mod_asp with apache it won't work at all. and with it asp may not function right.
( never tried so can't say for sure )

if you are porting an asp site to a linux box, I would look at using asp2php
( cli version )
the graphic fersion is gtkasp2php

which is solely designed to convert ms asp to php.

I'm sure on microsoft's development sites you can find stuff about asp. has the full language specs, and manuals online, so it's a great resource.

search for php, you'll probably find an open source project that isclose to what you need, might make it simpler to implement whatever solution required to edit thier code base.

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