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jumpin jack

By namitswar ·
hi all,

I m a network engineer based in netherlands.
in my 3 years of jobs in IT field i have switched 6 jobs ...i have skipped job whenevr an oppurtunity came calling. But now i m facing trouble in getting a change as the prospective employers are wary of my history...what do i tell them ? how do i covince them that i wont leave them !!
Thanks in advance

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With extreme difficulty

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to jumpin jack

I should think. If I saw a cv like yours, right or wrong.
It would make suspicious of
your ability (left before got found out)
attention span (got bored)
any claim whatsoever of loyalty. (liar)

Now personally I don't have a problem with you not being loyal to an employer, as long as you don't make the claim that you are. Employers do tend to view that one from their side big time though. In fact you usually find the ones most concerned about your loyalty as the ones who will do you up the back any time it's convenient, having absolutely none of their own.

The question to me, would be do I think I'm offering you an opportunity that would be valuable enough to you, to stick it out. If you couldn't convince me that I was, you wouldn't get a sniff. Sticking with me just to make your cv look better would not be a way to convince me by the way.

Personally I'd look at contracting if I was you, where this sort of thing wouldn't matter. When you do get a job stick it out for two years unless it turns out to seriously damage your future prospects.

My first employer last 19 years by the way, though I did do six jobs over that time, they thought I was showing disloyalty when I left.

Seeing as your case for making any claim to being loyal is quite (very very) weak, turn it on it's head. Ask them why you should be loyal. What's their retention policy like, how successful is it etc.
In other words show interest in being loyal, but state very clearly that loyalty is a two way street.

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"skipped job whenevr an oppurtunity came calling"

by Wayne M. In reply to With extreme difficulty

Instead of trying to explain to employers why you have changed jobs so frequently, perhaps you should try to understand for yourself why you have changed jobs.

If you have gone through 6 job changes, each for a better opportunity, I would think you would be quite well off by now. What benefit do you expect to reap from a 7th job? Why not stick with your current position?

Without knowing any of the actual details, I would believe that you have been making, at best, lateral moves not upward moves. Unless your current situation is overwhelmingly bad (something you did not allude to in your initial post), I would suggest to stick with your current employer and get some upward mobility. Get a couple of promotions under your belt before testing yourself in the open market again.

Remember, you do not need to explain your past job history to your current employer. If you do choose to switch, you will need to come up with your own justifications. No one on this list can tell you why you have cosen to change jobs 6 going on 7 times in 3 years.

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You won't be able to

by M_a_r_k In reply to jumpin jack

Six jobs in three years... Why in the world have you switched jobs so often? And why are you wanting to move yet again?? There's nothing you can do to make potential employers think otherwise. Quite frankly, you couldn't convince me otherwise either. Why would any potential employer trust you if you've left each of your last five employers after six months and you want to leave yet another after six months? The best advice and the ONLY advice I know to give you is to stay with our current employer. Don't stay seven months. Not eight months. You better start thinking of staying at one company for six years rather than six months. Six jobs in three years...

By the way, you've created two "jumpin jack" discussions. You should edit your other one with a link to THIS discussion to forward everyone over here.

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usual candy coating

by jdclyde In reply to You won't be able to


But right on the point.

Anyone that jumps ship like that is NOT a good hire prospect, unless you can do as Tony said and make it like your looking for someone with a reason for you to hang around and just haven't found it.

The first month of employement is usually much higher compared to the value because more time is spent on training and orientation than on actual productive work.

Better straighten up your act and stop looking for a job and find a career.

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Thanks Tony,Mark and JDClyde

by namitswar In reply to jumpin jack

Thanks for the advice Tony , Mark and JD Clyde..
The reason i was shifting was i kept on getting different opputunities in fields like LAN /wan /exchange/WIFI etc....All jobs had a different profile so i did not mind skipping jobs ! But now i do feel that my future employers would b thinkin on the same lines as u are. Maybe its time to do more with the same job. Good day all !
sorry for the double posting

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Consider contracting

by M_a_r_k In reply to Thanks Tony,Mark and JDCl ...

You seem to like the short-term work. Is there much contract work where you are? Contracting might be perfect for you and would give you legitimate reasons to move around frequently. Some contracts last a month or two. Others could go for several years. It also gives you a chance to "try before you buy". You might find a company that you actually want to work for full-time and would be happy with for more thzn six months.

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Another thought

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Thanks Tony,Mark and JDCl ...

You could do a task based cv, ie intead of listing your emploments, list what you did and then your employers details somewhere at the bottom out of the way. That way you'd emphasise your skills and experiences over the three years. Pay particular attention to the common tasks running through the three years and the flavour of the month 'marketable' parts.
Might get you to an interview, which should get you points anyway in terms of ability to present yourself, which is of course a useful communications skill.

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Problem with that

by jdclyde In reply to Another thought

Is the application they are required to fill out as a standard part of job applications in the US.

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Rarely done in the UK now

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Problem with that

Never had to fill one in when I was in Holland either. Would put the mockers on the idea though. Task based cvs are less popular now as well, used to be all the rage at one point.

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omit not-relevant jobs ?

by highlander718 In reply to jumpin jack

Now, this supposing that the 6 jobs were not all exactly 5 months. Maybe you can omit a couple "irrelevant" jobs (that only lasted for 2-3 months) from your resume, not that you would be in a much better shape but still ...

*I was taught this at a career training/counseling class we got at my last company (before it moved out of the city) so I guess it's not illegal :-))

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