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jumpy mouse

By NateH ·
Hi all,

This is a stumper for me. I have a client who has a problem with the pointer on the screen jiggling around and moving with no reason. We have tried different mice, even one of the USB port, but they all do the same thing. Is there a different driver that can be loaded or changed, or what else can be causing something like this?



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by wcp In reply to jumpy mouse

It does not appear the mouse itself that is causing the problem.
Try the following in sequence. Stop whenever the problem got resolved.

1. Scan for virus and remove them if found.
2. Boot to safe mode. If the mouse behaves fine, either startup program(s) or a HW driver(s), video driver for example, may be the cause. Disable all startup programs. If this does not resolve the problem, disconnect all non-essential HW.
3. Reinstall video driver or replace the video card.
4. Reinstall Windows over the current one.
5. As the last resort, clean install Windows. Backup data beforehand.

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by sgt_shultz In reply to jumpy mouse

unless you think you might have a trojan i would place my 2 cents on a resource conflict with the mouse. look in device manager and bios for modem or touchpad or other serial device that might be using the same io base or irq. any new io devices lately. did you try uninstalling any special mouse software

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by trockii In reply to jumpy mouse

Are these optical mice? What is the surface underneath the mouse like? Optical mice don't like glass.

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by YetAnotherAdmin In reply to jumpy mouse

Optical mice do not like spiral patterned mousemats either.....

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by Blackcurrant In reply to jumpy mouse


I had a similar problem where the mouse was jumping about the screen or returning to the same position each time the mouse was moved - after much frustration a TechRepublic member suggested a conflict with a digitising tablet. I had a digitiser attached to my computer which was switched on all the time - turning it off except when I needed it solved the problem

Good luck

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by Choppit In reply to jumpy mouse

I once experienced a similar problem with a user and a USB mouse. The problem occurred whenever they placed their mobile phone near the mouse or in a drawer beneath it. Switching off or moving the phone cured the problem.

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Remove / move the Thumbdrive away from USB Mouse

by bd_gordon In reply to jumpy mouse

I had the same problem of 'mouse flicker' that was driving me crazy. Process of elimination proved that I can't plug my 4 GB thumbdrive directly next to my mouse USB transmiter. Once I removed the USB thumbdrive, I had not more pointer jitter.

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Try removing the touchpad!

by FredHeutink In reply to Remove / move the Thumbdr ...

I suddenly had flickering mouse problems too (laptop with windos XP from 2005). A USB mouse, a wireless mouse (with USB receiver), the internal touch pad - all showed the same problem, even before login on the laptop. Removing the touchpad (plugged into the internal PS/2 mouse port) appears (for the moment) to remove the problem!

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