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    junk files problem


    by albertopatricia22 ·


    My computer memory has been almost full of junk files which caused the speed of my computer to slow down. I learned about the IOLO system mechanic (link removed by moderator) and tried to install that, but it couldn’t happen anymore. What should I do now?

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      Well assuming this is some form of Windows

      by oh smeg ·

      In reply to junk files problem

      Do the normal things.

      Defrag the HDD over and over with one of the better Defragging Programs. Memory doesn’t get full the Hard Disk Drive gets fragmented and this slows down the read write times to and from the HDD.

      Open the Task Manager and see what is running. The more that is running the slower things will be so if you do not need things running shut them down. Of course leave any AV Products you have installed running as this needs to be.

      Then look at the more commonly used software to speed up the system things like Crap Cleaner, SpyBot Search and Destroy and Malware Bytes are always good to start with but the main thing is Windows Fragments the HDD so you need to be constantly running a Good Quality Defragmenter which will need to be run quite a few times as it can not fix years of misuse in one run.

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      Try Junk Cleaner Application

      by odam ·

      In reply to junk files problem

      whenever you defragged HDD after some day this problem again happen so try app like ccleaner which help you to remove junk file real time and also speed up your system

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