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By komokozie ·
From a post of mine in 'Questions'-
Updated BIOS with HP 'Windows Utility' and it killed the System!!


I say this because, (and I wouldn't right up-front tell someone to not do this... but I will warn them now!)
** If it aint broke don't fix it!!! **

I finally found (locally) another System with an almost identical CPU to put in the dead system to try booting.

Now understand, the CPU I took out was an:
Intel LGA775 <b>631 @ 3ghz/65nm/2mb cache, & so on...</b>
The replacement CPU is an:
LGA775 <b>521 @ 2.8ghz/90nm/1mb cache, & so on...</b>
!This is an older CPU than was in there..!
But, .. IT RUNS !!!!! (??)

Now, I don't understand ??
I went to HP for the newest drivers and used 'their' Utility to get the correct BIOS ..
I've never been let down using/trusting these Windows utilities to NOT install the wrong BIOS.
It/They have always worked successfully ! It killed the system ! ! !

Does this mean HP installed an OLDER BIOS rather than a newer or current one?

I am totally at a loss on this!!! ...
But, @ the cost of $80 (I had to buy a used system to replace the customers wasted one), but, I experimented and traded out CPUs, and !BANG!, up it came!
But now, I have the system back and running.
I for one, am/will be 'very' leary about using one of those utilities again.

Just for anyones info......

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How did it "kill the system"?

by Unkn0wn F0rces In reply to JUST A WARNING ABOUT BIOS ...

If you are saying it damaged the CPU then that is very unlikely. All you would have had to do was find the original BIOS and created a Boot Disk for it and flash it over to the original and it would have worked fine...adn you would only be out a floppy disk...rather than $80

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You don't know the whole story

by komokozie In reply to How did it "kill the syst ...

Please see the original posting under 'Questions'

I was just warning adventurous folks to think twice before upgrading the BIOS.

"Killing the system" -
I've been in the comp. industry for 17 yrs.
I am NOT saying that it damaged the CPU.

But when either the user, or a 'UTILTY', installs a 'wrong' BIOS and then it no longer sees the correct CPU sitting in the socket (which WAS NOT changed) ('this' system anyway), immediately after power up, would not go further into the POST to see the rest of the components to boot to anything else.
Immediately the error that came onto the screen was
'1802-Processor Not Supported'
'This system board does not support this processor.' and then came to a complete halt and would not allow 'any' other function.

I have many times, flashed the BIOS with boot disks. Before a few short years ago, that was the only way to do it.

I have also, many times, flashed the system with these newer Windows Utility(s) (from the Mfr's website of course) with no adverse affects.

This time, the HP Utility did something wrong. And they would support (even PAYING $) because the system was older than 3 yrs.
Words right out of the techs mouth. "It's over 3 yrs old... we don't have any data for that system anymore." She couldn't even find it by the serial number. I was on the phone for an hour with her and she could not find the system in any of her resources.

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Have you talked to HP about this, or

by CharlieSpencer In reply to JUST A WARNING ABOUT BIOS ...

just ranted to strangers on the web who can't do anything about it?

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Please go see original posting

by komokozie In reply to Have you talked to HP abo ...

Please see the original posting under 'Questions'

To make that statement, shows you're an idiot.
I was not ranting... I was giving a !warning!
Of course I went to HP 1st.. For over an hour!
No help what so ever... And neither was your post.

Strange how I 1st posted this under the category 'Questions', and not one person responded like you.
No one in that 'class' of this forum accused me of "ranting".

If you have nothing of value to say, or a 'productive' question, then don't post.

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There's a difference.

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Please go see original po ...

I would never have responded as I did over in the Questions forum. This is the Discussion forum; the expectations are different. You're new here, so you may not be aware of that. Don't expect people in Discussions to follow your cross-post over to Questions; if you wanted us to read it, you should have posted the content here too.

"If you have nothing of value to say, or a 'productive' question, then don't post."

Wrong. Again, you don't understand how the Discussions forum works here at TR. Your statement applies to the Questions forum, but the only posts that aren't allowed in Discussions are unsolicited spam, hate speech, and blatant vulgarity.

Anybody using as many uppercase characters as you did in your original post is ranting, not warning. If you have a problem with my response, click the 'Report as spam' link and we'll let the moderators decide. I'm betting the post won't be deleted, but you're welcome to try.

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No. No moderators needed.

by komokozie In reply to There's a difference.

Forget about the 'Questions' post.

My original post in 'here' was a warning to be careful about flashing the BIOS.
"If it aint broke, don't fix it"
The capital letters were for emphasis, not yelling. Exclamations (!!!) say exasperation, anger, or yelling.
'You' on the other hand, have to be able to 'see what's being said' and keep it in context.

== Look at the title and the 'very last words' in that post. ==

Dude... I was a memeber of TR back in 95-96-97. I don't have the same email from that many yrs ago, so 'this account' appears to make me out as a noob.

I am by no means new to TR.

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by CharlieSpencer In reply to No. No moderators needed.

That's a good trick, since TR hosted a 10th anniversary party in June 2009. I don't know what you were a member of in the mid-90s, but it wasn't this asylum.

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by komokozie In reply to 95???

You may be correct... Whatever.
No matter when, it was certainly many yrs ago. I was utilizing, contributing, learning from, and was part of TR. So, I was off by a few yrs. Let it go.

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Missing Step

by TheChas In reply to JUST A WARNING ABOUT BIOS ...

Not sure why you thought changing the CPU would correct a BIOS issue. In fact, it was not changing the CPU that fixed your system, but the process of changing the CPU.

The missing step in the BIOS upgrade process was the need to reset the CMOS so that the new BIOS did not have any legacy data in the CMOS RAM to conflict with required data.

Often, when a new BIOS is created, the memory addresses for settings also are changed. In this situation, your system will not boot until the CMOS is cleared.

Changing out the CPU either resulted in a manual clearing of the CMOS, or a default clear from the new CPU ID at POST.

I am sure that you can place your old CPU back into the system and all will work fine.

As far as the BIOS version, you should be able to verify if you have the newest version from either the BIOS string at the bottom of the POST screen, or from the header when in BIOS setup.


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I had cleared the CMOS - please read original post

by komokozie In reply to Missing Step

and the replies.
Original posting was under 'Questions':

I've got 17 yrs in the business.
Of course I tried everything, including suggestions made by others in this forum.. NOTHING would get it past the error:
'1802-Processor Not Supported'
It went NO further into the POST for me to re-flash to a different BIOS.

Your explanation has much merit and makes sense. But, in this case, clearing the CMOS only cleared the CMOS on the 'wrong' BIOS.

I've figured this out now.
This BIOS s/w is not 'forward' compatible.

The Qflash 'Windows' util installed an older BIOS that wouldn't see the newer CPU (that was already factory installed).
I did NOT change H/W 'til that was the last chance to revive the system. I had even double checked myself and took it to a well known Tech shop. They confirmed: Change the board, or change the chip. (the BIOS chip is sweated onto the board)

'This' systems BIOS s/w is not 'forward' compatible.
The simple fact that putting in an older chip (and then it was able to boot) proves this.

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