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Just got a BA in system analysis and design

By m.morales ·
Hi all, I was laid off in 7/2000 as a system administrator making about 50K. I got a job last June as a computer operator making 29K. I think this was a bad step career wise. I just graduated last week. I started posting the resume to the usual places. I find my self lacking the necessary skills to get doors open. Any suggestions?

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Tap the network

by onbliss In reply to Just got a BA in system a ...

I know several recruiters who work their network to get good candidates for consultancy as well as full time employment work. I know this is prelevant in the Consultancies.

You could try hooking up with your past co-workers. Also you might try some of the online peer-networks. There exists several, I know one: LinkedIN (I am a member). You could estbalish contacts with peers in your area and learn about opportunities. It does work, a recruiter whom I knew four years ago came knocking one day via this, and ultimately helped find a job for a person whom I know.

Based on my limited experience, I believe it is easier to get a job as a consultant than a full time employee. Some large companies use Vendor system to fill in some of the contracting work. The Vendor in turn uses some consultancy firms to find the right candidate. And these jobs never get advertised outside the vendor system.

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This is the first day....

by alcoutu In reply to Tap the network

...of the rest of your life! Congratulations! You can tell employers that you took the computer operator role so that you could put a roof over your head while focusing on your studies. Many will be impressed that you worked and studied at the same time. You can emphasize your time management skills and the personal growth that your work/study arrangement gave you.

Now is the time to start networking. LinkedIn is great, if you have some contacts on there. You should also go to business events and start talking to people. Even if you want a full-time job, consider getting some business cards to hand out -- much easier than toting a resume! If you are interested in consulting, check out the info on my blog.

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great post!

by secretgeekygirl In reply to This is the first day....

really nice post alcoutu!!

And congrats to the OP on getting the degree! I agree though - focus on how you were more interested in completing your education than in which position/title you held while you were doing it.

You are a great multi-tasker, and now ready to conquer the world! (And, good luck with that, since it would seem the world is not really looking for any more conquerers at this exact moment. They'll keep your r?sum? on file for six months...)

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Now I am really scared!

by tech_guy_dave In reply to great post!

I am only getting a 2 years associates degree and hear all of these low income, can't find a job stories... I presently make 70k in construction, but hate it. I hope that getting A's while taing 18 credits and working full time at 40 years old holds enough weight to get a job. I'd love to be kept up on your career standings! It could giv me hope or give me a serious reality check!!!

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How about a switch within the field?

by alcoutu In reply to Now I am really scared!

Maybe you could move to something in a related field or within your field. There are lots of different construction jobs and things that may relate to your skills. Perhaps you should do an inventory of your skills.

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Don't dispair', you're calling the shots

by Billy Newsome In reply to How about a switch within ...

... there is always room to grow within and without of your field (traditionally). Like myself, I'm a printing by trade (R.I.T)in many area's of the printing business. I went back to school and took courses leading to a degree in graphic design and visual communications. Although many would say the 2 fields are unrelated, I would disagree wholeheartedly because I know better by being in the business so long (20+ yrs.) So I know they are related (entirely) and I use it to my advantage, and I'm lovin' it too! So can you.

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Construction needs IT as well

by jdclyde In reply to Now I am really scared!

Use your contacts to move into an IT job for contractors, or even with the state. Government jobs are bid on-line and more and more companies are finally getting in on the act when they find out how much more efficient they can be with email than a fax machine.

I am IT for a Manufacturing company myself.

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you're in control and don't know it!

by Billy Newsome In reply to Now I am really scared!

With just an associates degree making $70g', you should feel on top of the world. You have more control than you think. Why leave that much money (and you've been doing it for year's) to make less. Though you may not like your job, you're able to deal with it. Deal a little longer then; bank it (get tight)keep working it', continue your education and keep getting degree's. So, when you're ready to leave what it is you don't like, you'll have the education to make more money, working less strenuously, and for much more.
Keep on pushing...


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just so you know...

by Billy Newsome In reply to This is the first day....

If you decide on getting some bus cds printed, let me know, and I'll print them for you and get them back to you quickly. We can do everything over the internet; decide on design, check layout and approval of printing final. By the way, I'm still attending classes too!

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Networking works!

by Madsmaddad In reply to just so you know...

See M. Morales - Networking works- Take him up on his offer, maybe you can push some custom his way someday.

Best of Luck.

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