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Just got my foot in the door working in IT...Career advice needed!

By cbauer86 ·
Dear all,
I graduated college with a bachelors in psychology this past May but after Interning at various places I decided Psychology wasn't for me. While working on my bachelors, for three summers I interned at Swiss Re (reinsurance company). One summer I interned in the accounting department and then the following two summers I interned in the IT department. Directly after graduating I interned in the IS department at Save the Children for a few months but was fortunate enough to get a job offer at Swiss Re working as a consultant at the company in Desktop Support. I have currently held that position for about 8 months now. About two months ago I began a course to prepare me for the CCNA exam. This course is supposed to go until October, 2009 at which point I will take the CCNA exam and hopefully pass it.
I am lucky enough I think to have gotten my foot in the door especially because of my lack of formal education in the field but I do have years of experience behind me (most likely the reason I was asked to come back as a full time employee). I am very interested in the subject matter and disciplined and ready to learn as much as I can so that's not what concerns me. My reason for posting is to see what advice people may have for an entry level person like myself in terms of what my next steps could/should be, what degrees/certifications I should be looking at (beyond CCNA) and basically any words of wisdom professionals like yourselves may have for a person like me...

Any advice on graduate programs because getting my masters is something that I really want to do. I'm curious as to what schools and programs one might suggest.

Just to give you guys an idea of what's in my plan as of now is to get into networking (hence the CCNA prep) and eventually get into Network Security/IT Management.

Thank you in advance for your time!


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by rstan251 In reply to Just got my foot in the d ...


If you are interested in networking, you are going to need experience. You will definitely need the CCNA but experience is what counts the most.

I would recommend obtaining some hardware in order to "get your hands dirty" at home. Also recommend that you work through your books and play with the actual equipment at the same time. CCNA kits with routers and switches can be found on ebay (dont recall price).

Once you feel confident that you can handle the basics, start posting on craigslist and look for small gigs. Maybe even partner up with someone.

Whatever the scenario, get experience, get references and put it on your resume. And get off the helpdesk and into the networking field as fast as possible.

If you get too much experience in one area you can end up stuck there.



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