Just how aggressive is the Windows 7 installer?

By mmarks ·
I've got XP and a Windows 7 Upgrade disk, and am still tossing a coin between trying your re-partition dual-boot solution and a straight-out clean install.

In thinking about the existing-partition clean-install method, I've used the "Windows Easy Transfer for Windows 7" tool to make a restore file (on an external drive) for settings and THE VERY FEW FILES I allow Windows to keep in "My Documents".

But I keep large folder trees on that same C: partition, just NOT in "Windows" or "Program Files" or "Settings and Documents". When your guides and Microsoft's guides say things like "You will need to reinstall your programs and restore your files" what do they mean by "your files"? Is it just the files held hostage in "My Documents" or every fle on C: that is at risk?

To put it another way, is the Windows 7 installer going to take over the whole C: partition or insist on reformatting it? Or will it just mess around with "Windows" and "Program Files" and "Settings and Documents" but spare my other files on C



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Given the choice that you already backed your files up...

by Darryl~ Moderator In reply to Just how aggressive is th ...

It's pretty much a given that you're going to be required to reinstall your programs & drivers...

You already have all your important documents & files backed up to an external drive...

I'd go straight for the clean install & reinstall all my programs...

Once all programs are installed, I'd copy my documents & files to the new installation...

It sure would save a lot of grief trying to make things work proper & probably save a lot of time.

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