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By wesley.chin ·
I have a user with a Microsoft Wireless Laser Keyboard 6000 attached to a machine running Win XP Pro SP3. She had been using the keyboard with the machine on a daily basis, using the it normally, along with the extra keys on it (volume etc.) Now the extra keys have stopped functioning. The regular alpha keys (A,B,C,D etc.) are functioning.

I have checked to see that the Intellitype Pro software did not somehow get uninstalled. Have reset/reconnected the keyboard and receiver as indicated in the manual. Have also checked to see if the software is being loaded at startup.

Finally uninstalled the software and then reinstalled. At reinstall, there a prompt for location of "kbdhid.sys" A search on the machine turns up 4 copies of .sys file in four different directories.

I have looked at other machines and notice that all have the "i386" and "drivers" folders in C directory except the problem machine.

Does anyone have suggestions?

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Well as for the Keyboard

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Just in

I would test it on another computer and see if it's actually working. I have had several fail like this in the past. But maybe I just wear them out.

As for the i386 Folder on C Drive this is installed there at the very least after applying a Service Pack and is used to rebuild Drivers and so on when required. I seem to remember that it gets put there when you do the initial Install but as I don't have a XP System here without at least 1 SP added I don't have anything to check against to confirm.

Here the file you are referring to should be in the C;/Windows/System32/Drivers Folder when it's installed but you may be requiring it from the I386 Folder if you are installing the App.

Maybe someone has removed the i386 Folder to make space and this is your problem.


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