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Just in case some of you firefox fanbois missed this

By breadtrk ·
IE7 safer that Firefox.

Over the past 3 years, supported versions of Internet Explorer have experienced fewer vulnerabilities and fewer High severity vulnerabilities than Firefox, a result that stands in contrast to early assertions by Mozilla that Firefox ?won't harbor nearly as many security flaws as those that have Microsoft's Internet Explorer.?1

1 Mozilla President Baker in CNET article Mozilla: We're more secure than Microsoft.

The analysis in this report uses a set of data that has been compiled, customized and cross-checked using several sources of data available on the Internet:
 Microsoft Security Bulletins as published at and associated web pages.
 Mozilla Foundation Security Advisories as published at and associated web pages.
 The National Vulnerability Database (NVD) , a database superset of the Mitre CVE list ( which provides additional objective information concerning vulnerabilities was the source utilized for severity ratings and exploit complexity assessment. The NVD is also sponsored by the US Department of Homeland Security and makes their data downloadable in an XML format at
 Many security websites were utilized for detailed verification and validation of vulnerability details, and especially dates for when the issue was first discussed publicly. Some of the most commonly utilized were:, the Bugtraq mailing list,, and, but there were many others.

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And the point is what?

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Just in case some of you ...

M$ isn't known for being overly honest when it comes to fixing or reporting Security Issues with their products. After all there is a current Critical Security Flaw that is in every version of Windows that has yet to be addressed and that goes back to the original Windows so M$ isn't overly worried about fixing that problem. Or at least as yet they have not applied much effort to fixing the problem.

The difference between Monzilla and M$ is one thanks White Hats for reporting Possible Breaches while the other blames the White Hats for going public with Security Issues after months and sometimes years of inactivity by the maker.

Remember that the TCO is far cheaper for M$ products as reported by M$ so it must be right mustn't it?

OH BTW I use IE on Linux but I think that you'll find you are reporting vulnerabilities found on Windows OS which are related to Windows specifically.

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Post this sort of thing on CIO net

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Just in case some of you ...

they are less technically aware.
Without Vista, with protected mode on and therefore UAC, IE7 is IE6 with tabs.

As soon as you start running alien code on your machine outside of a sandbox, how secure the code is matters not even a little bit.

Find a new bridge troll.

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What's a "fanbois"?

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Just in case some of you ...

I'm sure I'm showing my age again, and that this is a term the hip crowd recognizes. Ah, I'm so out of touch.

Regardless of my limited vocabulary, the CNET article you refer to is from March of 2005, before the release of IE 7. At that point, FF was more secure than IE 6 and Baker's statement was accurate. Interesting that you included links to support your position but didn't include one to the article you're supposedly refuting. For the benefit of others, here it is:

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Well Palmetto it's simple & very old

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to What's a "fanbois"?

Fan BIOS is a Subroutine of BIOS that controls the fans as used in the old Apple products that are now Boat Anchors.

Yes you are showing your real age you youngster.

How many slaps have you got recently?

Col ]:)

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Fan Bois

by NickNielsen In reply to What's a "fanbois"?

An old French phrase translated literally as "blowing drinks." It's usually assumed to refer to the consequences of consuming one too many whine.

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OK you work for Microsoft, we get it!

by ben.rattigan In reply to Just in case some of you ...

OK you work for Microsoft, we get it! If Microsoft employees spent more time making better products that work instead of attempting to defend them on various forums then MS would have better products.

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really, that is interesting.

by Jaqui In reply to Just in case some of you ...

since no-one with a brain would care about number of vulnerabilities so much as speed of patching and severity of said vulnerabilities.

Microsoft still has the worst rating for that, they will never get anything above a "poor" since they don't fix them fast, and they decide not to fix some at all.

take your garbage and spew it at people who don't know anything about technology, like the twits on youtube, facebook and msn.

edit to add:

and I will not install firefox on my LINUX systems, it is another MS infernal exploiter in look and feel, making it useless.

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