Just Installed DDR500 PC4000 1gb Kit, need advice

By azn_mobsta21 ·
Hi all,
First Post for me...
Like to say hello to all and have a wonderful season holiday...

I am a student at school and recently saved up to buy new RAM for my computer. I bought Cold Fusion USmodular DDR500 PC4000 1GB kit (2x512mb Sticks).

I know that my motherboard wont run the sticks at DDR500, so i made the choice of not overclocking the RAM, All i want is to have a increase in performance on my computer. The recent RAM installed were Acer's 2x512MB DDR400 and a 256MB DDR400 (i know i wasn't meant to mix RAM)..When i installed the new RAMs i noticed that when ever i start a program the Computer uses 100% of the RAM and only a little bit of the virtual memory. No matter what program it shoots to the high end..I mostly use the computer for games, but sometimes also for editing photos and MS softwares.

Now ill just ask the question, why does my computer lag more than before and how would i speed up the performance rather than Overclocking it. (is there Timings that need to be included?)

Please let me know if you need more info.
Computer Specs
Windows XP pro service Pack 2
Abit KV7-VIA KT600 BIOS: Phoenix 6.00PG
AMD Athlon XP 3000+ FSB:333MHz
Cold Fusion 2x512mb DDR500 PC4000 RAM (running at 200MHz, Cas-Trcd-Trp-Tras, 3-3-3-
ATi Radeon 9600XT 256mb Card
500w PSU

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pci bus

by jamesatmaisonverre In reply to Just Installed DDR500 PC4 ...

You have to overclock the pci bus in the bios.Now here you have two options:
1.buy overclocking software that regulates the speed of the cooling fan to which i would not recomend as it is not specific.
2.Buy a new more pwerful fan and heatsink for the extra heat generated by overclocking.
Overclocking is done by increasing the operating megaherts in the bios.Do this after the above listed.Your problem is occuring because your pci bus cannot prcess the information through the processor fast enough so it stores the procedure in the ram until it can process it.

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So how do you OC?

by azn_mobsta21 In reply to pci bus

Hi Thanks for replying so promptly, really appreciate it.

What do you mean PCI bus? isnt that for like media cards and stuff?

The RAM has heatsinks as a standard component and it releases the heat well at the normal speed. I have no experience in overclocking memory RAM, actually i have none in overclocking...is there a simple but effective procedure i can follow to overclocking??That includes images of the BIOS and options...

in the meantime I will buy RAM coolers and try different heatsinks to be able to overclock.

If there is any one out there that has same motherboard and ram, please don't hesistate to tell me what settings and configurations you have used for your system, all help is welcomed..

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Here is bench mark

by azn_mobsta21 In reply to Just Installed DDR500 PC4 ...

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