Just out of curiosity

By SystemCheck ·
I've been wondering what my posistion would technically be, currently for about 6 hrs I would enter returns back into inventory and apply credits back to the customers accts. but I also answer a lot of calls for computer repairs within the facility, setup of all new computers for new employees and current employees, also im in charge of all ordering of new computers, computer accessories and i manage the toner inventory. If you could let me know what it technicall would be taht would be great.

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rash of don't know what their position is questions

by CG IT In reply to Just out of curiosity

really you don't know what your position is?

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by SystemCheck In reply to rash of don't know what t ...

ive just been wondering sounds like office ***** but still would like to know

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by shasca In reply to rash

We have an IT 4 position that has alot of the same job descripts as you. Purchasing all IT crap is involved too tho. It is still an IT Tech job description. It just has specific defined procurement duties attached to it.

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You're right

by Juanita Marquez In reply to rash

OB is probably the real name, but a friend of mine who has a similar role is called a "Service Coordinator". Depending on what you need the title for (looking up equivalent salaries? giving HR some kind of definition?) that may serve your purposes.

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by SystemCheck In reply to You're right

thats what i figured but hey im doing some stuff i went to school for
"Im somebodies ***** you know"

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Data entry

by jdclyde In reply to Just out of curiosity

with a dose of level one help desk on the side. Both are considered entry level.

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