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Just put Nix on my laptop

By Jessie ·
And I have to say, so far, I'm quite pleased. It's Linux Mint, which I'm told is a debian based variant of ubuntu. I've used and am certified on MS OSs and I was a bit leary of putting Linux on my laptop which we use for all the kids games and online bill pay, and other general usage.

Once we got the wireless drivers working, the kids netgame sites are working perfectly and I can STILL post on TR (most important )

Anything ya'll can recommend that will help me get my feet wet with this new (to me) OS?

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update FF and install pidgin

by jdclyde In reply to Just put Nix on my laptop

I have had ThingTwo exclusively using Mint linux for several months now. (desktop)

Pidgin ( IM software ) he loves, because one interface to talk to everyone.

Of course, don't forget to add ad block plus to your FF.

He WAS on a P4 2.4 with a gig of ram running winxp, moved him to a P4 1.5 with 512M ram running Mint (Felicia) (but didn't tell him).

After a few hours he came back and said "Wow Dad, that is a LOT faster!".


My laptop is running SuSE Sles 10. Wireless "just works".

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What do you want to step into first?

by seanferd In reply to Just put Nix on my laptop

Reference material, some type of software, or just getting to know your system? (Like: Why does everything have a Name rather than a name based on function?)

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IMO, the place to start

by jdclyde In reply to What do you want to step ...

is listing tasks that you want to do with the laptop.

You then look for software that will do that task.

I sat in the installer and just started reading some of the apps that were available. there were sometimes more than one package that would do the same task, but how would I know which I like better if I don't try more than one?


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That is

by Jaqui In reply to IMO, the place to start

often cited as a drawback you know.


to many choices.

seems most people don't ant to have to think.

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That's what I was thinking, for software

by seanferd In reply to IMO, the place to start

If Jessie is looking for software, we could find out what type of thing was required. I'm sure that a lot of members have experience with various packages what perform similar overall functions.

Then there's Jack's and Selena's blog posts... Whatever happened to that TR LUG/ guru thing?

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Already found a few things

by Jessie In reply to IMO, the place to start

I already found the package manager and the software manager, VERY cool. I added FF adblock (used that in XP as well) and will add pidgin too. Thx!

I put in OpenOffice because it's what I'm familiar with, and mostly I use the computer for internet based apps. I'd like to find a secure address book that can be available from any computer I'm using.

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For FF, get NoScript.

by seanferd In reply to Already found a few thing ...

It is truly awesome.

I found this site pretty cool, if you like to use the CLI:

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Great Stuff for Kids

by DesertJim In reply to Just put Nix on my laptop

G-compris is great for young kids, my 2 year old loves it and I enjoy playing with him. I does grow with your kids so don't be put off with the age of mine.

Tux paint/type/math are good fun too.

There is a whole bunch of games that I'm waiting for him to grow into.

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Update! We DEMAND an update!

by jdclyde In reply to Just put Nix on my laptop

well? How is it going?

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