justice- I need access to my Yahoo account again

By llmtongue ·
I realize that really good hackers are the most just people in the world. I am appealing to anyone one who believes in justice to help me regain access to my yahoo account.

I tried writing Yahoo and explaining what happened but when I provided them with my personal information lioke birth date they said it was all incorrect.

I posted my email on comment page on a blog and the debate heated up and next thing you know, it I was hacked.

Can someone plz help me to get access to my email again. The address is my new address is

Anyone one who gains access to it can ask me to answer any questions to prove that this is in fact my email.

Thanks and best of luck

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How can you expect to be taken seriously?...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to justice- I need access to ...

When you can't even post with your CORRECT email address?!!

No wonder Yahoo didn't believe you!

If you are gonna try and pull a scam - at least try to be convincing.

Scams have to be carefully planned - I wouldn't trust you to sit the right way on a toilet!

<Edited for humour>

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Glad to see...

by CaptBilly1Eye In reply to How can you expect to be ...

someone's holdin' down the fort while us Yanks are off on holiday.

I'll shoot off a rocket in your honor tonite.

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