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By preethiraajesh ·
I've been working as a Software programmer specialized in and sql server. Now I'm totally in a new field i.e. K2.Net. Now I wanted to know what will be my career growth in

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Not a bad product... but

by ACatCSA In reply to K2.Net

My company also uses K2 .Net for human workflow services. We are a large organization and it seems that their product is not as robust as their sales team indicated. We have some fairly complex routing requirements and we have had to build our own workflow engine to make up for the shortcomings of this package. I think for more simple applications, this suite is great, but Microsoft is coming out with a human workflow solution soon, so look out for that to gobble up marketshare and become the preferred tool in this space.

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Very Active Community

by wtffiles In reply to Not a bad product... but

I would respectively have to disagree with the previous poster. I've used at several clients with very complex workflow requirements and the solution has been able to meet those requirements without much, if any, additional coding. I've certainly never contemplated writing my own workflow engine.

I've seen these types of comments before and it can typically be tracked back to a lack of experience or training with the tools. I also see it from people that like writing code or using more complex tools like BizTalk or other EAI tools that were never meant to provide human workflow capability (...has anyone ever seen a successful implementation of BTS HWS?). Somebody who wants to write code will come up with reasons to write code. IT resources that want to provide real value to their organization will focus on building solutions that solve business problems not building their own workflow engines.

The remarks regarding Microsoft's human workflow solution (...not sure if you're referring to WF or MOSS Workflow) show a lack of understanding not only about the space, but about the capabilities of that offering. Low-level best describes WF and entry-level best describes MOSS workflow. From what I've seen in the WF and MOSS betas,'s current offering goes well beyond what Microsoft will deliver next year and I've seen some demos of their next offering, code-named BlackPearl, at some recent MS events and all I can say is WOW!

In regards to the original posting on this thread, I see a huge opportunity for skilled resources and regularly get calls from head-hunters and search firms looking for resources with this skillset. I think it could be especially lucrative if you were willing to be a road warrior.

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by preethiraajesh In reply to Very Active Community


Happy to know your comments on k2.Net. Really u relieved my tensions.

If you don't have any probs then I would like to have ur mail address/any personal contact.


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human workflow solution

by Spiral7012 In reply to Not a bad product... but

I'd like to ask for any information about human workflow solution which is coming out from Microsoft, because at this moment we doing analyses for over 200 processes in my huge company for IT supplier. They want to implement workflow K2.NET from SourceCode, but I'just want to make sure if this system is right for us and able to handle this number of processes or if is flexible enough for fast changes, or what are negatives of this solutions? thanks for your help, Stan

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Sorry I am commenting after implementation

by kashifmvp In reply to human workflow solution can handle more than specified workflows spanning people, application and system. And you don't worry and enjoy- see what K2 blackpeal make your life suuuuuuupppppper easy.

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by gdk In reply to K2.Net

Just check up the below url.



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by kashifmvp In reply to K2.Net

I'm Consultant- and I have been working for this technology since long before-In my views if you have brushed up your skills with Sharepoint beside, will become a good combination.
We need to consider what Microsoft is doing for Workflow- so Blackpearl is released -with windows workflows- and its dashing-.

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