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Keep a developer's journal

By MaryWeilage Editor ·
Do you keep a journal, as discussed in this week's Embedded Software Development e-newsletter? If so, what type of information does it contain, who reads it, and have you seen any benefits from this practice? If you don't keep a journal, would you consider starting one?

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A must

by a_chadili In reply to Keep a developer's journa ...

I can't envision a serious developer not using some kind of a journal to keep track of all the events occuring during the course of a project (or projects). I use it every day to log all the problems I encountered and the solutions found and the people I worked with to solve them. Some times I just write observations or describe somone or something I found interesting. Keeping a journal helped me in many ways during my career and I can't work without it. Abdu

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by rsashok In reply to A must

I keep a journal by loging day(or 2 day) events in a notebook. The only thing I find difficult is to trace information that I logged few months back. Paper journal is not the best tool for that! I always intended to use some kind of computerized implementation of the journal, which would allow me to do associative searches, but so far I didn't come across one. Anybody did? But I recomend to anybody to keep a log on any media - it will save your day when this day comes. -- Al

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