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Keep an eye for another position?

By kmorrissey1 ·
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Im the Senior IT director for worldwide operations for an unnamed company.

So the president seems to have become more and more paranoid about his overseas operations.

He's has had me consolidate alot of email onto a US exchange org. Only myself and my Senior admin have access, which is fine.

Now he wants me to setup a completely independent email system and if needed security domain only he and the CFO have access to with no IT access including self. I suggested encryption.... no go.

And on this subject I might be getting somewhat paranoid based on his behavior. But after known the owner for 15 years with unquestionable loyalty as well as being trusted with confidential information when needed at least up until I guess, I get this.......
I asked the CFO if they suspected data had been leaked with no straight answer just he asked me talk to you about setting it up.
I have a feeling even the CFO doesnt know what's going through his head.

So I'm not sure what to make of it, but if he doesnt even trust me something triggered it... or he needs meds lol. Trying to decide if it's time to look for a new position or if I'm just being as paranoid as him.

I'm leaning towards paranoa since his "number 1" wants to relocate me and the data center. However maybe that's changed in the last 2 weeks and I just dont know it yet.....

I know it's a hard thing to reply to without knowing the people involved. But just curious how others would take.

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Well, if it were me...

I'd probably keep options open outside the company if you catch my meaning.
Meanwhile, you could "kindly" suggest that in addition to the two CXOs mentioned having access to the new secure email server, the IT department would need it as well, since they would be the ones called upon when things go awry...note I said "when things go awry" not "if things go awry".
Good luck,

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by kmorrissey1 In reply to Well, if it were me...

I made it clear in an analysis of the options that without IT having any abilities to access the system whatsoever reliable backups cant be guaranteed, and would likely be worthless. None of them would be application aware, and in the event he loses the admin password or the server fails I can't make any promises on my ability to recover the server.

Their are of course options to try to mitigate that some, but if I tried to explain that one he'd never understand anyway.

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